Introduction: Farm Fun Forth Birthday Cake

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My son loves to farm.  His Dad is a farmer, his grandpa is a farmer and his mom does the books for the farm ;-)  So I was not surprised when he said "Mom, hey mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, I want a farm cake!"

I'm very new to instructables so I made this before I knew all the ends and outs of how the site works (or hearing of the site).  I am friends with our new art teacher and she loves it and encouraged me to check it out and use it for my classroom and to get ideas for cakes.  Needless to say she has created a bit of a monster!


Step 1: Materials Needed

Cake (homemade or store bought)
Butter cream frosting (bought or homemade...I prefer homemade)
Food Coloring (I use wilton)
Decorating bag and tips (you can also use a ziplock bag and cut the side off)
Toy John Deere combine, tractor and trailer (I bought these at our local John Deere Sore)

Step 2: Making Your 4

I created my four my baking a sheet cake and cutting into even strips.  Then creating the for shape with those strips and filling it in with icing.

After making the cake I had other thoughts.

You could buy a pan the bakes your cake as the number 4. 
You could use smaller cake pans to make blocks to create the number 4
You can use the sheet cake idea and double up the cake by putting butter cream between the layers.  I'm sure there are other brilliant ideas out there as well that I failed to think of.

Step 3: Frosting and Decoration

Pipe on your frosting in rows, so it looks like recently turned up ground.  Now, you could use chocolate frosting, but in my brilliant wisdom I decided to make my own brown and yes it looks a bit like baby diaper brown....oops.  Another thought would be to have part of the cake look like turned up ground and another part like a farm, so have it green with maybe some cows running around.  You could have a water way created on part of the 4.  You could have another lay of cake under the four and made in the same brown with rows to look like a farm terrace. 

Now, I don't suggest farming and having your cows around when you are combining, but this is a cake not reality. :)

I then piped in my corn rows.  I kept them very small and in line with the combine for a loosely realistic feel.  I put yellow frosting in the combine and in the trailer so you could see the fresh cut corn!

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