Introduction: Farm House Pizza - Domino's Style

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My pizza recipe is a replica of world famous Domino's which was formerly known as Domi-Nick's. I thought Little history would be nice. Like most corporate success stories, Making pizza since 1960, Domino's started out small – with just one store in 1960. Tom Monaghan and his brother, James, purchase "DomiNick's," a pizza store in Ypsilanti, Mich. Now they have 17000 stores world wide. Isn't amazing, of course its tasty that what draws people into their store.

My instructable is about one of their veg pizza recipe - Farm house. Regular size - 10" with Mushroom, Tomato and green capsicum as its toppings.

Step 1: Supplies

I got say that I have shown few ingredients that are not actually used, initially while starting up I thought of addition to actual recipe. Later it struck its copycat so I stick to original recipe as per Domino's menu

Ingredients For Pizza Base

1.All purpose flour - 2 1/2 Cups

2.Salt - 1 Tsp

3.Olive oil - 1 tbsp

4.Baking powder - 1 tsp

5.Baking soda - 2 tsp

6.Water - 150 ml

Ingredients For Pizza Sauce

1.Tomato - 4 Nos (medium)

2.Oregano - 2 tbsp

3.Pepper powder - 1/2 tsp

4.Salt - to taste

5.Olive oil - 2 tsp

6.Small onion - 2 to 3Nos

7.Garlic - 3 pieces

8.Tomato sauce - 1 Tbsp

Toppings of farm fresh

Mushroom - 3 Nos

Green capsicum - 1/4

Tomato - 1 No

Mozzarella Cheese - 150 grams

Step 2: Pizza Base Preparation

Pizza base are readily available in store, but I decided to make from scratch. Domino's have different variants of crusts like fresh pan, wheat thin curst, classic hand tossed... I decided to make classic hand tossed, crisp on outside, light and soft inside.

Sift all purpose flour, add salt, baking powder, baking soda and oil. Give it a whisk and add water in small quantities

Step 3: Pizza Dough Ready

Once you add water, it will be more like crumbles. Add small amount water and knead it with hands. The Dough should not be sticky, it should be intact while finishing it shouldn't stick to your fingers. Then you have added correct consistency of water.

Since we didn't add yeast, our dough is ready no need for prepping it. Its good to go as it is.

Step 4: Tomato Puree

Dice 4 tomato and peel of skin of onion and garlic. Add in blender and blend well

Step 5: Sauce Part 1

Add olive oil in hot pan followed by tomato puree, salt, oregano seasoning, freshly crushed pepper powder (it has more aroma and its spicy)

Step 6: Sauce Part 2

Keep in simmer and let it sit for 10 mins, then add 1 Tbsp tomato sauce. Water is mostly evaporated, it begins to thicken. So that when applied coat will be evenly spread. If its watery it will not be even.

Step 7: Toppings

Vertically cut capsicum and slit from top to bottom, 1/4 of capsicum with 4 buds at bottom. again cut vertically in finger sized wedges.

For tomato remove the seeds and cut it rectangular pieces, cube would be more beautiful

Before adding mushroom there are ways of cleaning to be made to make it edible state. We all know that mushroom is fungi, Of course a good one with lot of proteins. Cleaning involving two steps first peel of the outer layer.

Step 8: Second Step

Slit them from bottom to top, they are soft don't apply all your energy in it. you'll probably break it. Just handle carefully. add them in boiled water and let it sit for few mins like 5 - 7 mins and strain the extra water. This is the second step and now we have a clean mushroom

Step 9: Toppings Ready

This is how you should cut.

Step 10: Hand Tossing

Take out the tucked in dough, knead it little bit. Start hand tossing using a roller and stretch it with even thickness which is very important. I'm not gifted to roll as perfect circle. Roll them until to obtain (more than) 10" diameter with 3/4" thickness. Shape it up using circular plate and remove the excess

Step 11: Transfer to Bake Plate

Apply oil coating and transfer the pizza dough into it, Poke it with fork for air vent as well for not raising and changing the shape such as puffing up

Step 12: Its Time to Sauce It Up

Apply pizza sauce and spread with butter knife nice and easy. Sauce is thick so it will be no trouble. In the mean time grate the mozzarella cheese in cheese grater

Step 13: Pizza Layers

Add the grated cheese, my room temperature was quite hot , even though cheese have been grated, they kinda melt little bit and struck. May be I should have directly grated above the sauce instead of doing it separately. Add the mushroom and capsicum. Bend of capsicum gave a cute little heart which I have centralised

Step 14: Finishing Touch

Add the tomato cubes and apply mozzarella cheese on top of it.

Step 15: Bake

Preheat the oven to 400 F, Bake it for 15 mins at the 400 F, mine was little crispy at the edges and cheesy in the middle. If you want all over cheesy 12 mins should do

Step 16: Your Order Is Ready

Slice it using pizza cutter, to add extra special effect I had few seasoning left from previous dominos order, oregano and chilli flakes, just to add effect same as Domino's ... special touch

Enjoy your hot pizza !!

Step 17: Thank You

Thank you for coming this far, hope you had good time reading this.

Let me know your thoughts on the comment section. If you try let me know how it turns out.

Adios !!

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