Introduction: Farm Sign

Hope you have fun making a sign

Step 1: Make an Easel Design

Figure what you want your sign to say. Then make it.

Step 2: Find 2 Boards

You can use really any kind of wood i used pine. My sign is 24 by 18in

Step 3: Biscuit 2 Boards Together

Cut the grove for the biscuit. Place a decent amount of glue on. Then place the biscuit in the grove and place plenty of clamps on it.

Step 4: Burn With a Torch

You burn the board with a torch so it gets a real nice look

Step 5: Engrave Your Design on the Board

Make the design of what you would like it to say

Step 6: Poly the Board to Finish It Off.

Put 3 coats on the board by brushing it on.