Introduction: Farmhouse Deck Table With Benches

I love sitting outside now with this lovely set!

Step 1: Table Frame

make the frame from 1x3 boards

Step 2: Table Top

add 1x2 boards as the top

Step 3: Cut Your Bench Boards

smaller length so that they fit under the table

Step 4: Screw

Make sure you use screws that are able to be used outdoors. The bench is identical to the table just smaller and it has two boards for support on each long edge.

Step 5: STAIN

Use a stain that has a protection in it as well. This stain I got as a mistinted stain at lowes for $9 for the whole gallon. I still have 3/4 of the gallon left after staining 2 benches and the full table.

NOTE: Staining before putting the wood together might be easier :)

Step 6: Just Extra Photos!

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