Introduction: Farmhouse Bookshelf Made Entirely of 2X4s and 2X6s

About: Maker out of San Angelo,TX. Salvaging wood for the sake of quality furniture. Building for families, businesses, and the local neighborhood. †

Have you ever wondered if it'd be possible for you to build an heirloom piece of furniture out of dimensional lumber you'd find at your local big box store? Wonder no longer! It is possible and I'll show you how!

Step 1: Mill the 2x6s Down to 1x6s

For a 6 foot Bookshelf you’ll need to mill down and split in half three 6’ 2x6s for the walls of the Bookshelf.

Step 2: Milling Shelves

Next, you’ll cut the shelves to length. I cut mine to 30 inches wide. I needed 15 boards so I had to split seven 30” 2x6s in half.

Step 3: Cut Shelf Support and Assemble Shelves.

This step is basically two steps in one. You’ll cut the runners that’ll attach to the outside wall of the shelf and then attach them to the shelves themselves.

Step 4: Secure Shelves to Outside Walls

Since your shelves are already assembled you’ll now attach the outside boards to the runners you cut previously.

Step 5: Cut and Secure Backboard

This piece is the only piece that’s not dimensional lumber. But that’s ok because it’s optional anyway.

Step 6: Face Frame

Now, to hide the brackets, we’ll add faceframe.

Step 7: Sanding

This step is an obvious one. Although sanding happens throughout, this is the one time I stopped to sand the entire piece up to a fine grit.

Step 8: Paint

I use my sprayer on this step to get a nice even coat!

Step 9: Lightly Sand Down the Paint.

I let the paint dry for about an hour and then come in with the sander to create low spot where wood grain and color can show through.

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