Farmhouse Style DIY Bench

Introduction: Farmhouse Style DIY Bench

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Grab my plans for this beautiful bench for your entry, the end of your bed, or even a living room.

Want to know how to build an upholstered bench? You’ve come to the right place. This pretty bench looks like something you’d find at your favorite home stores, but will save you hundreds of dollars. AND at 49″ x 19″, it’s perfectly scaled for your king or queen bed. I built this bench for the end of my bed, but after having this in my Dining Room and Entry, I have to say, it’d really work in any room. In fact, I may have to build 2 smaller versions for my currently boring entry.

This build was completely inspired by those chunky legs. Those beautiful table legs were given to me by Osborne Wood Products. Gorgeous, right? They were actually designed with Ana White for this great coffee table build from Shanty 2 Chic. If it wasn’t for my daredevil boys, I would have built that coffee table. But coffee tables have been banned from our living room until the boys grow out of the jumping off of everything stage. So 20 years or so, right? ;)

Step 1: Assemble the Frame

I used Osborne Wood's Shanty 2 Chic Coffee Table Legs in Knotty Pine.

The frame was constructed with pocket holes made with my Kreg Jig R3 (aff).
The top apron is 1"x4" Select Pine boards. The bottom apron is 1"x3" Select Pine. I used a 1/8" thick piece of paneling to create a setback for the apron.

Get the full measurement and build instructions on my blog.
Create the short sides first.

Then add the long pieces to connect the short sides.

Step 2: Create a Ledge for the Bottom Shelf

Add a 1x2 ledge 3/4" down from the top of the bottom apron.

3/4" thick Pine Tongue & Groove is glued on top of that ledge to create the shelf.

Step 3: Finish the Frame With Paint and Cedar Trim

The frame and shelf is then primed, painted, and poly'd before applying a cedar frame to the top. The cedar frame is just a decorative reveal between the frame and the upholstered seat I'm adding. Upholstery DIY coming in my next post.

Step 4: Bench Preview

This bench could also work as a great long coffee table, entry bench, or dining table bench.

It could be easily finished with a full cedar top and be absolutely beautiful.

I'll be adding an upholstered top to mine. Full DIY with How-To video coming for that upholstery soon.

Get all of the measurements and instructions for this bench on my blog.

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