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Introduction: Farmhouse Table Sold!

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I'll show you how I built this Farmhouse on....

Step 1: I Was Commissioned

I was commissioned to build a farmhouse table from scratch. The customer sent me a photo and said "I want this table" I said, "just like that?" They said "yeah" So I went to at it...

Check out the video for inspiration and my rock n roll track! Yes I also do a bit of music. I hope you enjoy it.

Step 2: Pine Boards

I bought some pine boards at the local home center. I'm working on the top we have to get these boards ripped down to side. We'll be joining 4 boards to make the top..but again...they need to be cut down a, let's do that...

Step 3: Ripping on the Table Saw

So I shaved off a bit of each board using the table saw. This table is going to be massive...let's move on to see how I connect each board together...

Step 4: Biscuit Joiner

This is a biscuit joiner. It makes half oval type cuts into wood. This is a great way to join boards to make table tops and all sorts of projects! Let me show you what the biscuits look like...

Step 5: Biscuits

So these are the biscuits. You add glue to the grooves the joiner made and then you pop the biscuits in. They suck up the glue and expand..then, the two boards become one. Let me show you the clamp you have an idea of how it comes together.

Step 6: 4 Boards Become One

I clamped the 4 boards together with glue and biscuits. Now it's just a matter of letting it dry. Once the glue dries, these 4 boards become one. It's really an awesome process! Let's move on...

Step 7: Skirt the Edges

I cut 2x4 boards to skirt the edges of the we're cooking!! Oh, I also used screws to attach the sides of the table top. What I did was, I countersunk the screws...That way I can cover the holes...but let me show you how...

Step 8: Countersunk Screw Holes With Dowels

So I plugged the countersunk screw holes with dowels. Once the piece is sanded stained and sealed, you won't even know they're there. Oh btw.. the customer wants this table "extra distressed" Wait til you see the craziness of how I accomplished that...

Step 9: The Underside of the Table

I also cut down some 2x4 boards for extra stability on the underside of the table. Now we need a base for this farmhouse piece! Let move on...

Step 10: Base and Legs

Here is the table's base and legs. It's all made from 2x4s and 1x4s. Then painted white. Let's flip this right side up and distress the top...

Step 11: Distress the Top

I used a lot of different tools to distress the top. I used chains, a hammer, and a grinder...I even torched the wood. Oh, I also used an awl to poke worm holes into the top. We're trying to give this new wood, a very old and rich vibe!

Step 12: Stained and Sealed

So to finish up I stained and sealed the table. I used a gel stain and outdoor poly for the clear coat. The nicks and dings created by the distressing process come alive at this point. It was a very fun project and it has a whole lot of personality. I hope you enjoyed this! Again check out the video for inspiration. Let's show you the finished piece...

Step 13: There It Is! the Farmhouse Table

There it is! The farmhouse table. Check out the video below..Catch you next time...

Step 14: Build Video!

Build video!

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    Question 3 years ago on Introduction

    Do you have a material and cut list with more detail for this table? I want to build this for my wife. Thank you!


    Question 4 years ago on Step 1

    Is there a material list I missed? What thickness is the table top? 1 x lumber?