Fashion Blog Requirements




Introduction: Fashion Blog Requirements

Fashion blogging is popular and it's really easy to become a fashion blogger! Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: What I Wore

Go outside and wear your favorite outfit. Let a friend photograph you standing on the sidewalk.

Step 2: New Purchase

Take pictures of your new favorite piece of clothing and let everyone know how happy you are about it.

Step 3: Review Make-up or Product

Write a review about a make-up or product item you recently bought.

Step 4: What's in Your Closet

Take a picture of your closet and show everyone how you keep your clothes. Try to order your clothing by color or season, or just leave it the way it is for a colorful picture!

Step 5: Citytrip

Visit a city, take lots of pictures outside and visit stores not everyone knows about. Ask the owner to take some pictures and share these on your blog.

Step 6: Personal Thing Nobody Cares About

Share something uninteresting about your life including pictures, for example some decoration in your room.

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