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Introduction: Fashion Brooches

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How could we miss the very famous 'Brooch' when it comes to Fashion? I've always loved and admired the different designs of brooches. Although it may not see very common to see these in fashion, brooches are definitely has a unique identity and style in the fashion world.

I will take you through the step-by-step process of making 2 stylish brooches and hope you like doing this.

Join me in this new learning project.


1. 26 mm diameter white felt

2. 2 pearl white beads

3. Glass beads (golden, multi-colored blue, purple, red and florescent orange sequins)

4. Glue

5. Octagon plastic base with the 2.5 inches length (edge to edge)

6. Toothpick (optional)

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Although I was very clear and excited to start this project. When I actually started, I was a little uncertain on what material to choose. Luckily on opening my crafts box, I found some really handy items to get started with confidence. In here I gathered the circle felt which I had on hand and started with this. I was a little skeptical on the gluing of the beads on felt and plastic, but to my utter surprise, it turned out to be really sturdy and reliable.

Step 2: Circular Brooch

For this brooch I picked up a thin circular felt which was 26 mm in diameter. I then added some glue to the centre and placed a pearl white large bead (pic 2). After that I spread some more glue around this bead and added the multi-colored blue beads neatly with the help of a tooth-pick in a circular path around the big center bead. The multi-colored blue beads have shades of blue, green, purple and such. This was the first round completion (pic 3-4). Next I choose the golden beads and made the second circle (pics 5-6). Again the third round of multi-colored blue beads (pic 7 -9). The next circle was made to alter with one multi-colored bead and the other one was the gold bead (pic 10-12). After this came the circle with purple and red bead marked in alteration to complete this circle (pic 13-15). Again the next circle was filled with multi-colored blue beads. After this I decided to add the pin on the back using the glue. Let the brooch rest until the pin is tightly glued. Lastly, glued the final round of golden beads. After a couple of hours of letting the brooch dry firmly, it was ready for use. Refer the first and last image to see the 'Circular' brooch in full completion.

Step 3: Octagon Brooch

I had a nice cut octagon plastic template from my previous projects. I decide to utilize as it was a perfect size and ready. I generously and uniformly spread glue on this base (pic 5). Then, I neatly added the orange sequins one by one on the boundary lining (pic 6-8). After this I decided to all the multi-colored beads as an inner octagon to the sequins (pic 9-10). Then, I decided to make some designs with the inside beads. Added purple beads as shown (pic 11-12). Then, I tried the same pattern on the other side with golden beads (pic 13). As a next step, I decided to add the multi-colored beads in the centre near triangular area (pic 14). Finally, I glued the pin on the back side. Added a big pearl white bead in the centre. The 'Octagon' brooch is ready for wear.

If you have any questions on this project, feel free to reach out to me and I'd be more than happy to help!!!

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