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Introduction: Fashion KN95 Cover

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KN95 face mask and the equivalent are starting to become mandatory. Even in places where KN95 masks are not required, there is a push to ask people to double up on their cloth masks.

Bonus: This can be used over a surgical type mask to: act as a mask brace (by helping to push down the sides) and increase filtration.

WHY make this ....

  • KN95 face mask are BORING!
  • Double elastic around the ears: (a) looks silly and (b) is uncomfortable.
  • Surgical masks can have large opening on the sides.
  • Wearing a medical mask seems scary, but a homemade mask is friendly.

So, if you want safety and fashion then this is for you.

This is a simplified 4 layer Diamond Fitted Facemask. BUT, only make ONE piece of the "Diamond Fitted Facemask" (1-3 layers total) and then add a button hole on each side.

The button hole allows us to use the elastic on the KN95 face-mask to hold this Fashion cover on.

FYI: Blue surgical masks:

If using to cover a blue surgical mask, make sure you have at least one layer that is tightly woven/filtering (but breathable!). Example of tightly woven/filtering: cotton cloth or NWPP (e.g. "cloth like" plastic grocery bags).

The goal is to have at MINIMUM 4-5 layers of filtering total. Blue surgical masks give you 3 layers, this cover should give you another 1-2 layers.


  • (1-3) Easy Breathing pieces of cloths ~ 6 x 8 inches
    • (The KN95 provides our protection, this gives us back our humanity!)
    • If the fashion cloth is really thin (like what is shown), use a second cloth for the shape. Otherwise it will be hard to find when you wash it.

Step 1: Trace Out the Pattern Onto a Piece of Cloth

Trace out the pattern on a piece of cloth. Shown is a NWPP material.

Step 2: Pin the Fashion Fabric to the Outline Cloth

Pin one piece of fashionable fabric to the outlined cloth.

I used a serger machine with a knife, but you could do this with a sewing machine.

In image with 4 masks: Left side shows unfinished edges and Right shows finished edges

Finished Edges: (Right Masks)

  • Pin fabric wrong side out.

Un-Finished Edges (Left Masks)

    • Pin fabric right side out.

          Step 3: Sew Long Top Edge and Sides

          Sew one NWPP to one cloth piece.

          Sew along the long top edge and the two sides.

          In image with 4 masks: Left side shows unfinished edges and Right shows finished edges

          Finished Edge (Right Image)

          • Flip the cloths right out.
          • Follow rest of instructions.

          Step 4: Fold in Half

          • Fold the fabric in half so the the cotton/silk cloth is on the INSIDE.
          • SEW: the two remaining edges together.

          Step 5: Add Button Hole

          Add a button hole on each side of the mask to that the elastic can go through.

          I made the biggest (~1.5 inches) button hole I could make.

          Congratulations: You are Done!

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            27 days ago

            Amazing, I love these! It's a great stress reliever, for me, don't have to make as many masks! ❤️☺️ 😷💕🎊And its safe! Yay!


            4 weeks ago

            thanks for helping people protect themselves from SUPER COVID!!

            Gem City Sewn
            Gem City Sewn

            Reply 27 days ago

            Thanks. Hopefully more people will wear masks too.

            Gem City Sewn
            Gem City Sewn

            Reply 4 weeks ago

            Thank you

            Gem City Sewn
            Gem City Sewn

            Reply 4 weeks ago

            Thank you