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Introduction: Fast and Easy Beanie

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I made these beanies out of an old hooded sweatshirt and some scrap jersey fabric. They are just the cutest thing. I made them as gifts for my sister and her family last year. They are so warm and cozy, everyone loved them! Which is great because they were super easy and cheap to make.

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Step 1: Cutting Out the Hat

All of these measurements are based on a head measurement of 22". And again, I used a hoodie to make this. I got 4 hats out of 1 hoodie.

-Cut 2 rectangles 10” x 12”. The short axis should be up-and-down with the grain of the sweatshirt. So basically the long end is at the top of the hoodie
-Leaving a 3” straight segment on either side, cut the rectangle into an arched shape

Step 2: Embellish

Here is where you can add embellishments. I added a hot pink flower using some jersey fabric.

-Cut Circles (I used the bottom of a votive candle holder to measure). You'll need a lot
-Starting with the outer ring, sew in place. For adult hats, 3 rings of petals look best. The smaller the hat: the fewer rings you need.
-You might want to hand sew one or to stitches in the upper petals so they don’t flop down.

Step 3: Assemble

Now we put the front and back of the hat together:

-With right-sides together sew along the arch, but not the straight segments
-Turn right-side out, pull the seam through and sew the straight segment (wrong sides together)
-Top stitch seam, the whole length

Step 4: Finish It Off

-Roll bottom edge, sew

-Flip up 2.5”, sew the side seams in place. Do not sew all the way around, it makes the hat less stretchy

-Turn hat inside out, flatten along the front to back axis. Sew small arch across top of hat

Now you're done!

If you like this tutorial, don't forget to check out more on my site:

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