Introduction: Fast and Easy DIY Tote Bag

Do you have any old or unused t-shirts lying around? Do you need a quick tote bag that is washable and reusable? This DIY tote bag is perfect for the beach, grocery shopping, or simple travel. It is eco-friendly and a great way to recycle things that would otherwise go to waste. Find a small, medium or large T-shirt depending on what size you would like your tote bag to be. Feel free to decorate your T-shirt however you like; you can tie dye it, or just use it as it is. This project is totally customizable to you!

Our DIY tote bag is fun to make on your own and with friends. In just ten minutes or less, you can be on the go with a new, customizable, and functionable tote bag! Let’s get started!

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you will need:





*If you are too young to use scissors on your own, get a grown up you trust who can help you!

Step 2: Lay It Out

Lay your T-shirt out flat on a flat surface. Make sure all edges and corners are straight and symmetrical.

Step 3: Cut Neckline

Take your pair of scissors and cut both the front front and back sides of your shirt together. Cut 2 and a half inches below the neck line and follow all the way around until the collar of your shirt is removed.

Tips: Pull the areas that were cut so that fabric rolls to eliminate any uneven edges.

Step 4: Cut Off Sleeves

With your scissors, cut about 1 or 2 inches off the seam of each sleeve toward the inside of your shirt until the sleeve is entirely cut off (Measurement is up to you, depending on how skinny or large you would like the handles of the tote bag to be).

Step 5: Smooth Edges

Pull the areas that were cut so that fabric rolls to eliminate any uneven edges.

Step 6: Separate Corners

Take the bottom corners of your shirt and separate the front and back of the shirt by cutting 3 or 4 inches up the side.

Step 7: Measure & Mark

With you ruler and pen, mark 3-4 inch vertical lines across the bottom of your shirt. Make these lines 1 inch apart.

Step 8: Cut Strips

With your scissors, cut these lines through the front and back of your shirt.

Watch the video for additional help with steps 5 through 10.

Step 9: Tie Together

Once done cutting the strips, double knot the corresponding front and back strips together.

Step 10: Continue

Repeat this with all strip pairs until the bottom of the shirt is tied closed.

Tips: Pull the bottom edges of the shirt lightly to stretch it out and to make sure the ties are tight.

Step 11: Finished!

Finished t-shirt tote bag!