Introduction: Fastened Bag

These are steps on how to make a simple bag to store receipts, writing instruments, or any other objects. You will need the following: 1. Thread 2. Scissors 3. Sewing Machine 4. Decorative Fabric 5. Lining Fabric 6. Small Button 7. Ribbon/Trim 8. Needle

Step 1: Fabric Pieces

Cut out your fabric in rectangular pieces. Both your decorative and lining pieces will measure 6 inches by 12 inches. You should have two pieces of the decorative fabric and two of the lining fabric. You will also cut out one piece of both fabrics measuring 4 inches by 4 inches. These two pieces will be the flap.

Step 2: Sewing the Pieces Together

Take one of your 2 decorative pieces and lay it face down on top of one of the lining pieces. You will pin all the edges to be sure the fabric doesn't separate while you sew. You will not pin one side as you will need to pull the fabric inside out later. You will repeat this process with the other decorative and lining fabric pieces as well as the smaller pieces you cut for the flap. Once your pieces are pinned, you will sew all three edges of each piece. When you are done, pull the fabric inside out on all three parts. On the larger pieces, you are going to fold the edges into the pocket you have created and pin the edges down. On one of the larger pieces you're going to slip the smaller piece (which will be the flap) in between and pin it in place. Sew the remaining edge of the larger pieces together.

Step 3: Joining the Front and Back

At this point you will have a front piece and a back piece with the flap. Take one of the pieces and place it on top of the other with the lining fabric facing the outside. Pin these pieces together and sew the sides and bottom. Do not sew the top where the flap is. When you are done, pull the newly made bag inside out.

Step 4: Adding the Fasteners

You are just about done. Take you ribbon/trim and cut out a piece that measures about 2 inches long. Cross the ends to make a loop and hand stitch to the bottom of the flap. Take one of the small buttons and place it where the ribbon meets the fabric when you fold the flap over. Hand sew the button down. Be sure it is secure, otherwise it will pop off after only a few uses. You are now done!