Introduction: Fastest Finger First Using Arduino (Easiest)

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Hii there my name is Aditya i am 13 years old and this is my first instructable i am new to electronics and arduino i know some basic coding . This is completely made by me nothing is copied from anybody and if u want the without Arduino version it is already published by Saiyam check out his instructable -:

This is made by using the Autodesk Circuits check it out here -:

The parts used are

1. Arduino UNO (you can use any other arduino board)

2. L.E.Ds 2x

3. Resistors 1k ohm 2x

4. Momentary Pushbuttons 2x

5. Jumper Wires

The Code used is linked in the bottom or somewhere


Step 1: Simple As That

Connect all the wires where they need to be connected see the image for the connections

Upload the code and you are done , if you want to add more players check out the code

If this instructable gets 50 views i will upload another instructable on how to add maximum 6 players

Step 2: How It Works

To the more curious people on how the code works

1. First we declare all the integers which represent every digital and analog pin used

2. In the setup we declare the pinmodes to set digital pins to output and the analog pins to input

3. In the loop section we declare the integer analogvalue1 to the serial value of the analogpin1 and the integer analogvalue2 to the serial value of analogpin2

4. Then we write If statements which is when the analogvalue1 is higher than the threshold (which is 1021) the ledpin1 is high (which means it supplies 5volts) and ledpin2 is low (which means it supplies no voltage)

5. Another If statement is when the analogvalue2 is higher than the threshold the ledpin2 is high and ledpin1 is low

This is how the code works -_-

If u have any questions ask them in the comment section