Introduction: Fat Head Minnow

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This material is awesome to work with. Its a new blend of material made form Fly Tiers Dungeon called "Arctic Wind" and I love it. Lots of flash, and very shiny. Also the fibers are long enough for decent sized streamers.

I am tying a fat head minnow pattern today. They are small brownish, white bellied, bait fish with a distinct dark lateral line. They are one of the most popular live baits in conventional fishing, and many freshwater fish eat them. This fly is about 2" long and has a very sharp jigging action.

Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 - size 2
Weight: "Rivers Wild" Cone head cap and .035 non-lead heavy wire
Thread: Danville 210 flat waxed - brown
Body materials: FTD Arctic Wind - hot white, tan, brown
Lateral Line: Holographic flashabou - black
Adhesive: Fletch Tite
Epoxy: Solarez UV Resin - Bone Dry