Introduction: Fat Head

So i wanted to make a fat head of a WVU football player Kevin White. College game day is coming to Morgantown this weekend and i decided to make a fat head to bring to the game. Please feel free to comment any questions.

Printer paper and a lot of ink

Exacto Knife

Step 1: Decide on an Image

First pic the image that you want to blow up. Pick a high quality photo to make sure that it is not to fuzy. Also be creative. Have fun with it. I picked this picture of Kevin White

Step 2: Open It in a Word Document

Open your picture up and insert a graph over top of your photo. Make each of the cells 1inch by 1.3 inches. This would make one page for each cell. Make the grid as big as you want your poster to be. In my case i used 20 squares because i wanted it to be very big

Step 3: Crop the Photo

First hit Print Screen and the copy it back into the word doc. Then crop it down to one of your cells. Then enlarge it to your desired size. I usually try to make the width 7 inches and i keep that consistant to maintain the same dimensions. The print that page and repeat the process for every cell until all cells are printed.

Step 4: Lay Out Your Photos

Lay out your photos to make sure it looks the way you want. I had mis printed one of my pages, but i was able to fix it easily because of this step

Step 5: Cut All Edges and Glue

Everything seemed to be in line at this point so i continued on to gluing it to the poster board. I was very careful in doing this to avoid air bubles. Then i layed books on top to make it dry better

Step 6: Finally Cut Out Your Board

Cut on all pf the edges of your picture and touch up any mistakes you may have made and just like that you have a fat head!

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