Fatal Computer Error Prank

Introduction: Fatal Computer Error Prank

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Here's a great prank to play on your favorite computer user. It's perfectly harmless, but looks really scary! It uses a small Visual Basic script (don't worry if you don't know what that means) that puts a lot of message boxes on the user's screen, and no matter which button they click, it only gets worse!

It's also infinitely customizable with your own messages.

Step 1: The Script

You can download and unzip the attached file, or copy and paste the code below into Notepad or any text editing program. You can then put the file into an inconspicuous spot on your victim's computer and put a shortcut to it on your victim's desktop.

The code is here:

'1st quote is dialog, 2nd is title, 1st #is button style, 2nd is icon type, 
X=msgbox("Error Detected. Do You want to fix this Problem?",0+32,"Something has happened") X=msgbox("This Problem can not be fixed!",3+48,"Uh-Oh!") X=msgbox("You Are in Serious Trouble!",2+16,"It's Very Bad!") X=msgbox("You might as well Quit Now.",1+64,"FATAL ERROR!!") X=msgbox("System Access Denied!",3+64,"Unauthorized User") X=msgbox("Deleting System Files...",2+16,"Formatting C Drive...") X=msgbox("Just Kidding!",0+64,"There is nothing Wrong") X=msgbox("Have A Nice Day.",1+64,"It's OK, Really!")

Copy this, paste it into Notepad, and click "Save As..." Give it a name and the file extension .vbs. So the name of your file could be "message box.vbs" for instance. All the text can be edited to say anything you want as long as it is saved as a vbs file. You can figure out when you test this which number gives which icon and button style.

As you can see, the first line has instructions on how to alter the text. You can use it as-is or alter to your taste.

Step 2: Set Up the Shortcut

Now that you have the file on your victim's computer, right-click and drag the file icon to the desktop. When you release the right mouse button, you'll get a menu. Click "Create Shortcut Here." Press F2 and rename the shortcut with something your victim will click on, like "Documents," or "Computer."

Now, Right-Click the shortcut, and select "Properties." In the Properties window, click "Change Icon." You'll get a selection of icons. I used a computer icon and named the shortcut "My Computer."

Step 3: The Result

When your victim clicks on the shortcut, he'll get a message box with one or more buttons, but no matter which button he clicks (Even the Close button!), he gets another, even more ominous, message. Eventually, after clicking frantically, he'll get the messages, "Just Kidding!," "There is Nothing Wrong," "Have a nice Day!"

Try this out yourself before putting it on someone else's computer to be sure it does what you want. You can repeat message boxes for as long as you want!

Please be kind and don't let your victim suffer too much.

Vote for this in the pranks contest, and if you try it, click "I Made It!," post a screenshot, first person wins a 3 month pro membership!

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    Chris Logan
    Chris Logan

    7 years ago

    The trick is to title it to their favorite program, and change the icon to match.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yup, you can certainly do that, if you can find the right icon.