Introduction: Fates

For skaters, skateboarding is their soul. Because they love skateboarding, they may get hurt, but skateboarding is their own life. When I step on the skateboard, when I step on the skateboard. This is the desire for freedom, the control of one's own destiny. So I named the fate of this skateboard

Step 1: Build a Lower Surface of the Skateboard

First sketch the lower surface, then build the solid.

Step 2: Draw the Corresponding Upper Surface and Edge.


Step 3: Draw a Bracket

Draw the bracket. The bracket is composed of two parts, one is made of cylinder, the other is made of trapezoid. At the same time, the edge of trapezoid becomes more smooth.

Step 4: Making Wheels

The wheel is composed of three parts. The wheel is divided into the left half and the right half. Then connect it with a screw.

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