Father & Son Reunited

Introduction: Father & Son Reunited

First, we started with the idea of a father in the military being reunited with his child. We started with a silhouette of a father holding his son above his head. Then we gave the image some depth and printed the part.

Step 1: Laser Printer

We used a laser printer to cut out the mold for us to put the 3D image into.

Step 2: Finished Product

We used a sheet of red foam for the initial layout with the phrase "Together is my favorite place to be". We then cut the same design into a piece of sparkly white foam and glued it over the top. All that was left to do was place the 3D printed part inside of the cut out in the foam and hang it on a hook. This was our attempt at bringing the holidays, the military, and our patriotism all together in one simple design. We hope you enjoy!

Step 3:

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice ornament, and a great message too. Thanks!