Introduction: Father's Day Popsicle

Last minute Father's Day craft :) It's a popsicle with a stick that has a hidden message on it.

Step 1: Materials

-Popsicle/wooden craft sticks -Puffy Paint (optional) -Construction paper -Pencil -Scissors -Small knife (not pictured)

Step 2: Write the Message

Write a message on one of the popsicle sticks with pencil, then carefully carve it out with the small knife. Don't worry if there are any mistakes and extra cuts.....there's plenty on mine.

Step 3: Optional Step: PUFFY PUFFY PUFFY PAINT!

You can squeeze some coloured Puffy Paint into the carved parts! Just squeeze a blob of the stuff onto the first word and spread it around and press it into the small crevasses. It'll last you the whole message. Wipe off any excess paint with a tissue. It'll probably smudge all over the stick but it looks cool, so whatever. :)

Step 4: The Popsicle

Fold the piece of construction paper several times and draw and cut out a popsicle shape. Make sure it can fit the two sticks inside. Stick the edges of the paper together. Leave a small, tight opening at the bottom for the sticks.

Step 5: The Sticks

Now stuff in the sticks with the message facing in.

Step 6: And Done!

Decorate it and give it to your dad and tell him to slip out the sticks!

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