Fatwood Nature's Fire Starter

Introduction: Fatwood Nature's Fire Starter

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In this Instructable, I will show you how to find, harvest, and use Fatwood to easily start a fire. I have entered this instructable in the Fire contest. If you think it is worth your vote, I would appreciate it.

Thank you

and as always.....Enjoy.

Step 1: Finding and Harvesting the Fatwood

Fatwood is produced by pine trees. It is the part of the tree that the sap settles. Mainly in the taproot and at the base of limbs. The wood at the base of the limbs is easiest to harvest on both standing and fallen trees. You could use an axe or hatchet, or just kick hard enough and it will snap off. You will know that you have good fatwood by the strong pine smell. Even a log that looks rotten will have good fatwood.

Step 2: Using Fatwood

To use fatwood, to start a fire. First split the wood to get to the center. Then use a knife to make thin slivers. You can use just a couple of pieces, but if you want a larger hotter fire, make a pile of pieces. Good fatwood will start with a spark from a ferro rod, or just as easily from a match or lighter....even when wet.

Step 3: Video

I made a video of the process.

Thanks for watching.

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