Introduction: Faucet Extender for Little Ones

This is a super easy DIY faucet extender to help your little ones that arent quite tall enough to reach the sink on their own. Hope this helps!


What you will need:

empty shampoo bottle scissors (or a knife/blade) Marker (to outline where you will cut

Step 1: Mark Up Where You Plan to Cut

The green line represents the line that you will cut along.

you want to

1) cut a hole on the bottom of the bottle

2) cut the entire top end of the bottle off

3) (optional) cut the top end of the bottle long ways as to create an open funnel for the water to flow through

Step 2: Wash It Out

this step is optional as your bottle may already be cleaned out but wash, rinse and dry the bottle out so there is no left over soap (you may want to do this before you start cutting if possible as the soap may make it slippery and harder to cut)

Step 3: DONE!

now all you have to do is attache it to your faucet, turn on the water and you are ready to go!