Introduction: Faun Costume Made With Jumping Stilts!

What you'll need are

• Jumping stilts
• Cardboard
• Duck tape
• Fur (old coats)
• hot glue gun & glue
• sewing needle and thread
• pair of pants or shorts
• face paint (optional)
• a little bit of time
• (does not include horns)

I wanted to be something extravagant for halloween and i had a pair of jumping stilts around so i thought why not..

I've always thought they looked like animal legs and I liked the idea of being of faun or satry. Plus I could incorporate a musical instrument into my costume which is always nice. :D

I hope this encourages more people out there to take on that attitude and just create what they want to because it's all possible!

Step 1: Get Jumping Stilts

I got mine off craigslist for a good deal, they're not that hard to learn to walk in either! (but know you can't really stand still in them)

Step 2: Layer Your Stilts With Cardboard

this is really the most fun (hardest) part.. I chose a really simple design that went along with the stilts orginal structure as I felt it represented an animal very well. This was done with cardboard and poster paper, cut, ripped, folded and then duck taped.

I put my shoe in before structuring the cardboard to be sure everything fit together well.

It is important to keep some space for you to get to your feet in the stilts and so you can adjust the straps when needed. So as to not cover them with material I made little folds on the parts of the material that would cover where my foot would be on the stilt but did not seal them with duck tape. On the next step when adding fur to the cardboard I repurposed the coats I was using so that the buttons were used via hot glue strategic placement to close the cardboard hatches that were not sealed over the area of the stilts I may still need to access while adjusting them.

Step 3: Hot Glue Your Fur Onto Your New Legs

On this step as explained earlier I repurposed the coats I was using so that the pieces with buttons were hot glued to the cardboard and would close the hatches that were not sealed over the areas of the stilts I may still need to access. Other than that it's just a timely effort of gluing fur to cardboard.

Step 4: Sew Your Fur Onto Your Shorts / Pants

Along the same lines as was mentioned in the last step I repurposed the coats so that I can used a pocket on the costume as well as sewed some of the fur in flaps that did not seal so I can still reach the pockets on the shorts that were hidden by the fur. I sewed patches to the shorts as opposed to using glue here for a cleaner look.

Step 5: Face Paint (optinal)

I chose to paint the bottom of my nose like an ekoine animal and draw lines up to my brows along with making small lines down the corners of my mouth to my chin almost like a goats bone structure.

Step 6: Add Accsesories / Details

You don't have to make two, you can make one, or there!

I made my own horns which was going to be a separate instructable... but although they look nice, the leather I used turned out to be too heavy :/ ...So I ended up getting some at the Halloween store..

...But I saw an instruable for horns someone else did that was pretty cool!

Maybe you want to make a pan flute to go with this costume.... There's an instructable for that!

Maybe you want to make a tail for your costume... There's an instructable for that!

What about a staff? That way you could stand still and tall... Maybe a torch of some kind!?

Maybe you want to make your looked through this whole instrucatble and your thinking well maybe I can even make my jumping stilts from scratch... I'm sure there's an instrucable for that too!!

..Anyway I ended up taking my ukulele around to add to the whimsy ;)

Step 7: Go Have Fun!

Be whatever you would like; any day you like, not just Halloween! Just have fun and remember the power to do everything you need is in your hands!

Run, jump, scare people, make music.. You're a Faun!!

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