Introduction: Faux Arrowhead

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In this instructables, you will learn how to make a Faux Arrowhead. You may notice it is very similar to my other instructable Faux Stone Figure. I wanted to make a project that used the technique but one that was easier to follow and recreate. If you haven’t already seen that one, please check it out. Also, please Vote for this project in the Faux Real Contest.
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Step 1: The Plan

For this project you will need the following:

• Sculpey III clay, or Plumbers epoxy.
• Hobby knife
• Black and grey acrylic paint.
• Clear nail polish
• Arrowhead template (provided image)

Step 2: Initial Sculpt

First, you need to shape your clay/epoxy. I have provided a template as a guideline. Make it around 1/4 inches thick or less. If you are using sculpey, it is an oven bake clay that takes about 15 minutes in the oven for every 1/4th inch of thickness. If you are using Plumbers epoxy, make sure you mix the parts in a 1:1 ratio, ensuring it will cure correctly.

Step 3: Adding Rocky Texture

After your clay is cured, use a hobby knife to carve rigid surfaces into the original clay sculpt. Refer to the template to carve the arrowhead. Don’t worry if you make mistakes. Imperfections will make your arrowhead look more authentic.

Step 4: Painting

Prime and paint the arrowhead black and paint streaks of grey in desired places. This will create a layered rock effect. You don’t have to follow this paint scheme however. Refer to my other project Faux Stone Figure for another one I like. The most important part is that you go over the finished product with clear nail polish. This will make the whole thing look less dull.

Step 5: Your Done

You have finished your Faux Arrowhead. Thanks for giving this instructables a try. If you enjoyed it, please like, and vote for it in the Faux real contest.
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