Faux Driftwood Jewelry Branch




Introduction: Faux Driftwood Jewelry Branch

I've been trying to make this necklace holder for a few months and I finally finished it! Hopefully this will help me (and others) keep their necklaces, bracelets, and other hangable items in order. The method for making faux driftwood can be used for virtually any project, not just making a jewelry holder.

Step 1: BoM


Sand paper



White craft paint & water

Drill & drill bit

Step 2: Prep

Clean your branch by peeling off all of the bark. If the bark isn't coming off easily you can soak it in water to help the bark soften. The branches my husband brought me were from a local park and needed to be debarked and cut in several places to make it more manageable.

When your piece is cleaned, sand it down just to get rid of anything rough and to hopefully prevent splinters.

Step 3: Paint

In a small container, mix a tiny bit of white paint with a lot of water. You want to be able to still see the wood, so the paint needs to be very watered down. Paint the branch and let dry.

Step 4: Hooks

I originally bought larger open hooks for hanging jewelry on, but I couldn't find them so I was stuck with smaller closed hooks. I used the smallest drill bit I had and after measuring out 1" spots along one side of the branch, I drilled tiny holes. After the holes were made I put each of the hooks in by hand.

Step 5: Twine

Tie a knot of twine around one of of the branch, add a little epoxy on the knot for added security. Wrap the twine around the knot and around the branch. Make sure to leave the tail of the first knot unwrapped so you can use it to tie a second knot. Leave a little slack and then repeat the knot and wrapping process on the other end of the branch.

Step 6: Hang

The branch is fairly light weight and should be able to be held up with a thumb tack.

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