Introduction: Faux Druzy Necklace Pendant

Druzy jewelry is rad and with this Instructable, you'll learn how to make your own with glass glitter!

The process is easy but the results are awesome. Great for gifts!

hope you enjoy it! please vote for it if you like it and definitely let me know if you tried it!

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this instructable you will need just the following three materials:

1) glass glitter (any color you want or a few mixed together. sold at Michaels craft store)

2) modge podge (I chose matte finish but gloss is fine too)

3) necklace bezel pendant (or other jewelry bezel base to fill with faux druzy. if you cannot find a bezel base you can use a flat one but bezel ones are easier to use. I found a variety of them at Michaels)

Optional tool:

paint brush (used for spreading out the modge podge but you can also use a finger)

its a good idea to cover your work surface with newspaper or table cloth to contain the glass glitter and protect your work surface from the modge podge.

Step 2: Modge Podge Time!

I am making 2 pendants during this Instructable. I will modge podge them one at a time since I am using different colors of glass glitter on both of them. If you are making both of yours the same color feel free to modge podge them at the same time because when you put the glass glitter on the modge podge its ok if some glitter for one pendant falls on the other one. Alternatively, you can detach the pendants from the packaging. I chose to keep them on the packaging for now.

If you are only making one jewelry piece, just do all the steps for what you have.

ok so now we begin!

take your paintbrush or finger and use it to spread a thin coat of modge podge onto the inside of the bezel. you want the coat to be even and thin.

Step 3: Glitter-ify Your Bezel!

Gently shake some glass glitter over the pendant that you just modge podged. I say gently because you dont want it to all fly out of the bottle!

We just need enough glass glitter to make thin coat over the modge podge. You can use your finger to move extra glass glitter to the places that need glass glitter

wipe glitter/modge podge off edges of the bezel.

Let dry completely.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 & 3 for Other Pendant (if Applicable)

spread thin layer of modge podge on the other pendant bezel.

cover modge podge with thin layer of glass glitter.

Let dry completely.

Step 5: Shake Off Excess Glitter

gently get the extra glitter off your pendant(s) with gentle shakes. If its not glued on, we don't want it on there!

Step 6: Add Another Layer of Glass Glitter to Pendant(s)

Now that you have shaken off the extra glitter, it is time to add another layer of glass glitter to the pendant(s).

This is done by gently coating the existing glass glitter layer with another thin layer of modge podge and then covering that layer of modge podge with another thin layer of glass glitter.

Sometimes dabbing the modge podge on is better than using a wiping motion.

wipe off glue/glitter from the edges of the bezel

Let dry completely.

Step 7: Shake Off Excess Glitter

Gently shake off the extra glitter from the pendants.

Step 8: Touch Ups (if Applicable)

make sure the glass glitter looks how you want it to look. if youve missed a spot, just dab some modge podge onto the empty spot and then put more glitter on top. when that is dry, shake off excess.

Make sure edges of bezel are free of modge podge and glitter.

Let dry completely.

Step 9: Seal in the Glass Glitter

Put a thin layer of modge podge on top of the glass glitter and let it dry. Dont worry it will dry clear! and then your Faux Druzy will be super sturdy!

Let dry completely.


Your Faux Druzy Pendants are done!

add them to your favorite color chain or strip of leather to turn into a necklace!

Can gift it as a necklace or put in a gift box and let the recipient pick out what kind of chain/cord they want for it!

Step 11: More Examples!

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