Faux Fireplace Anywhere!




Introduction: Faux Fireplace Anywhere!

You can have a fireplace anywhere! For 99% cheaper then a real one!

Step 1: Location Location Location...

Now, where do you want your new fireplace?
 Select an area that you'll sit back a bit (if possible),
  and is darker area of the room, (if possible).
I choose the area under the bar that looks into the living room.
 It also happens to be on a wall that doesn't get as much light through the window.

Step 2: You Will Need:

1. Scissors
2. Stapler and staples
3. Brick paper background (found in teachers/educators supply stores, or you can use contact paper leaving the back ON!)
4. Black plastic table clothe or black fabric (approx3' wide and high)
5. Orange/red/and/or yellow cheap plastic table cloth
6. 1 to 2 Orange LED light strings (20 bulb)
(found at my local drugs store 90% off after halloween $0.49 a box!!!)
7. If possible::::I had a half yard of fire flame material available.

Step 3: Frame It In!

Place your 3' x 3' Black material on the wall with stapler, where you want the main focus at.
Then use at least 1 foot wide pieces of the brick paper to frame in the black square.

Leave the top part and bottom part till the next step...........................

Step 4: Making Faux Fire!!!

I cut the Orange plastic tablecloth into 18 inch wide piece(the length of tablecloth)

Then fold it (longwise) about 2 times.
Take scissors and cut out flame top.(pointy spikes)
Then when you unroll the folds you have alot of mock flames.
(repeat step with each long strip)
I ended up with 3 long strips.

Staple the bottom left hand corner of table cloth to the lower left center of your black square.
Then just start gathering bunch's of it and staple to the wall.
Try to keep it centered (left and right side) so its centered in the fireplace.
Again repeat with each strip,one on top of another. making it fuller and fuller.

I used a 24 inch by 10 inch piece of Fire flame print material. To pull off the TRUE fire look!
 I think your eyes play on it....

I tip the material so its inside out against the bottom of the "already on the wall orange", Then staple 3 staples; one on center , one each 2 inches away from edge.
So when you flip the material up it seems almost like a cup holding all the orange table cloth flames.
Then roll the edges in so they kinda cup the orange flames and staple behind Orange flames where no one see's.
 I then cut out the outlined flames on flame material so they resembled the orange flame tips.

Step 5: Lights of the Fire!!!

I put 2 strings of the Orange LED strings together.

You place the lights in and around down inside your Orange table clothe flames, a little poking out and up against the flame material.

Step 6: Finish Boarder

Now put the top and bottom brick frame on with stapler.


Make sure you leave a little wiggle room on bottom boarder, so you can staple on edges but leaving center to cover the base of your fire.

Step 7: ADORN and Get WARM!

We are going to add the stockings and trim the mantel(bar top) for the holidays!!

Dont have a mantel? Maybe use a thrift store shelf, a scrap of wood out back?

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    Doc Holliday
    Doc Holliday

    11 years ago on Introduction

    I have an antique wall fireplace (built into wall, burns coal.)

    I would like to mount it into a wall, and run an imitation fire (perhaps with sound effects).

    The face is an isinglass iron encompassed set of panels, so the view is fogged to begin with. About 2ft wide, 18" tall inside.

    I just don't want one color of flame, nor an obvious repetitive pattern.

    Model railroad accessories do all of this, but they are not scalable.

    Perhaps a fan wafting under silk would help.

    Any ideas?



    13 years ago on Introduction

    Looks neat, great for hanging Christmas stockings if you don't have a real fireplace.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Oh another place to shop for BRICK lookling paper...scrap booking joints! They have pages of brick, you could just tape them together for length!