Introduction: Faux Flower Frock

Inspired by an episode of project runway I saw years ago, I made this dress out of fake flowers. The end result is totally up to you. You might like to use completely different flowers, and have a very different design. 

Materials and Equipment:

Strapless padded bra. Padding is important because it provides structure.
Fabric. Any fabric will do, since you can't see it. I used an old sheet. 
3 or 4 Buttons
Needle and green thread.
Hot glue gun with plenty of glue
A lot of fake flowers and leaves.
Scissors & Pliers.
Tape measure
Alice band or hair clip if you want to accessorize. 

Step 1: Covering the Bra

Select the leaves/flowers you want and they them out. Once you know how you want them arranged, glue them on with the hot glue gun. Sometimes you may need to tuck and fold to get the leaves/flowers to sit exactly as you would like. 

Step 2: Cutting out the skirt
You need a square twice the length you would like your skirt to be. 
Take a measurement of the circumference just under your bust. This is where the skirt will start. From this, you'll need to work out the radius. That is, divide your measurement by 3.14 and then by 2. 
Fold your Square four times around the center. 
Measure the radius from the center and cut, making a circular whole in the middle of the square where your waste would go. 
Then cut a circle around the base to round off the bottom of the skirt. You can skip this step if you want points at the bottom of your skirt, but it will require more leaves leaves/flowers. 
Make a cut to open up the skirt.

Step 3: Covering the skirt

As you did with the bra, lay the leaves/flowers out on the skirt, then get the glue gun and glue them on. Make certain you lay the leaves/flowers out first, so you know you have enough of everything. They will need to overlap slightly to compensate for movement of the skirt.

Step 4: Attaching the skirt
Get a needle and thread and attach the skirt to the bra. make sure that the center of the skirt is at the center of the bra, and that the edges of the skirt will meet up bellow the clasp of the bra. I only attached the skirt at the front (non stretchy) part of the bra. 

Step 5: Attaching the buttons.
Sew the buttons evenly spaced down the back of the skirt. Then cut out button holes and hem them. 

Step 6: Finishing Touches
You may find that the leaves on the stretchy part of the bra are not as secure. Make small stitches to secure them. Also use small stitches  or glue to secure the leaves/flowers which leave parts of the skirt fabric visible. Add any other decorations you would like. I added a big flower to the front of my dress and made a hair piece with a green alice band, hot glue and some left over materials.