Introduction: Faux Flowerpot USB Charger

Do you ever get tired of looking at that mess of chargers and wires in the high traffic areas in your house ? How about a cheap, easy and good looking way to hide them?

Step 1: Materials & Tools

1. Container that meets your size requirements of your location

2. Hard Styrofoam

3. Black or green felt paper

4. Designer contact paper of your choice

5. Faux flowers

6. USB Hub and extension cable

7. Razor knife

8. Scissors

9. Wire cutters (optional)

10. Spray glue

11. Sharpie marker

12. 30-60 minutes of your precious time

Step 2: Prepare the Flower Bed

Prepare the flower bed by thoroughly washing whatever container you have chosen. Cut and fit your hard Styrofoam so that it is snug inside your container.

Step 3: Locate the USB Hub

Trace the USB hub with your Sharpie Marker and carve out a nice home in the Styrofoam. It should fit snugly when you are done. Try carving the hole just a bit smaller than you need and forcing the hub into the space. Just remember to place it near an edge so you don't have to dig through the flowers too much to get to it.

Step 4: Fit the USB Hub and Cable

Connect your extension cable to the hub and then place the hub into the foam. Firmly push the cable into the foam and run it towards the back of your container. You shouldn't need to carve a channel as you should be able to push the cable right down into the foam fairly easily. If not, just use your razor knife to cut a small slit for the cable to rest in.

Step 5: Prepare the Flower Bed (part 2)

Cut a piece of your black or green felt paper to fit over your Styrofoam. Use the spray adhesive to hold it down. After you let it dry for a moment or two, use the razor to carve out access to the USB Hub.

Step 6: Decorate the Outside of the Container

Cut your designer paper of choice to the shape of your container. Use the spray glue to hold it in place. Depending of the paper and glue, you may need to use clamps like I did. Or You may be able to get paper that already has adhesive on it.

Step 7: Plant Your Flowers

Using scissors or wire cutters (wire cutters work really well here) cut your flowers to various lengths and push them into your Styrofoam bedding. Too easy ! Just leave room to access the USB hub when you are finished.

Step 8: Finished !

Just place it in the location of your choice and plug it in to your wall charger. Enjoy!