Faux Leather Bodysuit / Swimsuit

Introduction: Faux Leather Bodysuit / Swimsuit

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Make your own James bond monokini using MJTrends 4-way stretch faux leather.

  1. Gather your materials:
    1. 4-way stretch fabric suitable for swimwear.
      1. http://www.mjtrends.com/products.Stretch-Red,Faux-...

    2. 14-18 inch zipper
      1. http://www.mjtrends.com/categories-nylon-non-separ...

    3. James Bond Monokini sewing pattern
      1. http://www.mjtrends.com/pattern/womens/james-bond-monokini

Step 1: Cut Out Your Pattern Pieces

For the front section and the collar, ensure that you fold over your fabric and then place the sections on top of it and then cut it out.

For the collar - cut out 1 section, flip over the pattern and cut out
another section. Cut out a 3rd collar section from medium weight interfacing.

Step 2: Prepare the Collar

  • With right sides together, stitch the top, left, and right sides of the collar together stitching 1/4 from the edge.
  • Press the collar right-side out.
  • Top-stitch the top, right, and left collar edges 1/8 inch from the edge.

Step 3: Add the Zipper

  1. Cut either a firmly woven fabric or fusible interfacing that is 3 in wide and 1 in longer than the zipper opening.
  2. Mark the zipper opening on the right-side front. Allow for 1/4 inch seam allowance at the top.

  3. With right sides together, baste the interfacing to the front matching up the marking with the interfacing centered.

  4. Cut a slit down the front and end 1/2 inch prior to the bottom.

  5. Cut two 45 degree diagonal slits, but do not cut across the basted stitches.

  6. Turn the interfacing to the inside and press, making sure that the interfacing is just slightly to the inside.

  7. Center the zipper underneath the opening and stitch in place.

  8. Raise the bottom part to expose the zipper and triangle of the fabric that is underneath. Sew across the base of the triangle through all layers with a zipper foot.

Step 4: Seam the Front to Side Front

With right sides together, stitch the front to the left-side front. Repeat for the right-side front.

Step 5: Stitch the Front to the Rear

  1. With right sides together, stitch the front to the rear at the sides.
  2. With right sides together, stitch the front to the rear at the shoulder.
  3. With right sides together, stitch the crotch seams.

Step 6: Attach the Collar

  1. Pin the collar to the neckline with right sides together.
  2. Stitch the collar to the body, removing the pins as you go.
  3. Press the collar flat.Top-stitch the inside seam of the collar to the body keeping a 1/8 distance from the collar seam.

Step 7: Finish Leg and Arm Hems

  1. Select a stretch stitch or a zig-zag stitch if your machine does not have a stretch stitch.
  2. Fold over the material at the leg opening by 1/3 an inch and sew the material down.
  3. Trim away any excess material from the inside of the garment.

Step 8: Enjoy!

You can also make the swimsuit / bodysuit from any of MJTrends stretch fabrics like vinyl or latex sheeting.

Be sure to check out our website www.MJTrends.com for all your sewing supplies and sewing patterns.

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