Introduction: Faux Marble + Copper Side Table

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I found this really cool paint which makes a marble effect and wanted to try and use up some material I already had for this project. I had some 18mm thick plywood left over from my Folding Plywood Sofa and thought this would be perfect for this build. It's not my usual design style and I thought I would end up giving it away to a friend, but I actually really like it!

For this project you will need; (Affiliate Links)


White Spray Paint (USA)

White Spray Paint (UK)

Marble Effect Spray Paint

Copper Spray Paint

Step 1: Template

I started with printing off a template of a large hexagon over 6 sheets of A4 paper. I'm sure there are some great ways to use maths and a ruler to do this accurately, but I've always been terrible at maths, and drawing straight lines for that matter. So I just printed off a large template. I love how easy it is and can be very accurate.

Step 2: Cut

As this was a pretty big size of wood with an odd shape I needed to trim it down so that it would fit on my bandsaw. The whole cutting would have been easier if I had my circular saw at the workshop, but I didn't so I made with some hand sawing. I think sometimes it does us good to go back to some handtools... But as soon as I could fit it, I took it over to the band saw and finished cutting out the shape.

Step 3: Spray, Glue

I laid them down the plywood and held them together with some packing tape, then used some 3M spray adhesive to temporarily glue to down to the wood. This holds it nice and tight in place while I'm cutting, but is also then relatively easy to peel up when I'm done with the cutting.

Step 4: Spray, Paint

I then went over the whole thing we a few coats of a primer white. This was to make sure you couldn't see any of the plywood beneath.

Step 5: Spray, Marble

I then took this marble spray paint. It works in a similar way to silly string, that it sprays paint out in a random pattern in thin strings. It looks super cool and is very easy to go overboard with, so less is more! I found its best to start to spray off the side of the piece then while still spraying move over in one direction. This helps you get a nice even but at the same time a random pattern. The first spray did lay down a bit too much paint, it was fine I just kept going and ended up spraying the underside as well.

I also made sure to do all around the sides to make it look as much like real marble as possible. This paint was from a company called Craig & Rose, but I'm pretty sure Montana also do one similar.

After that was done I went over the tabel with a few coats of glossy polyurethane. I think I'll go back and add a few more layers at a later date to add to that glossy look.

Step 6: Spray, Copper

I took these hairpin legs off another project I was no longer using, they look great but the plain steel just didn't work with the marble look. I took some copper metallic spray paint and give it a few coats of that. I'm super happy with how these came out. They have a nice bit of shine to them, but still, have a little bit of dark showing through like real copper. I then screwed them to the underside of the table.

Step 7: Final Shots

I'm super happy with how this turned out, as I said I didn't plan on keeping it but I think I am now!

Step 8: Video

As ever I filmed the whole thing so feel free to check that out.

Step 9: Competition!

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