Introduction: Faux Screen Print-esque Shirt

This is a basic tutorial to achieve a faux screen print look.

Step 1: What You'll Need

• Shirt or item to "print" on

• Wax paper

• Writing utensil

• X-acto knife or scissors

• Washable school glue

• Fabric paint

• Paintbrush

• Iron

Step 2: Create a Design

Draw out or trace a design onto wax paper.

Step 3: Cut

Cut out the areas that you don't want to be colored.

For instance, I cut out the circle and the letters.

Step 4: Arrange

Arrange the letters or design onto the shirt.

I would suggest gluing them down with washable school glue so that they will stay in place. I didn't, and part of the area I would have liked to be a "negative space" ended up getting paint on it.

Step 5: Paint

Paint everywhere you want color to be.

Make sure to do multiple coats if you want the feel of a screen print.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Once painted, peel the wax paper off.

If paint managed to get on an unwanted area you can paint over with a different color or just leave it!

Step 7: Heat Setting

After a few days, or after the paint has completely dried I recommend heat setting the paint. This will just ensure it sticks and won't wash off.

Step 8: Final Steps

Wash and dry, and it's ready to wear!