Introduction: Faux Stacked Rings

This ring gives the effect of stacking rings except it's only one piece. Made with memory wire for bracelets, because memory wire for rings is harder to find, this is a fun piece to design and show off.

Step 1: BoM

Memory Wire


Jewelry Pliers (cutters, wire looping pliers, etc.)

Ring mandrel -optional

Jewelry glue

Step 2: Loop

Memory wire can be such a pain to work with, that with some pieces, it's better to just estimate length and then go from there. If you cut too short you can always use that wire for something else and if you go too long, it's super easy to trim. Cut off a couple of inches.

Memory wire, being the pain that it is, "spreads" so wrapping around a smaller tool makes it easier to get the size you actually want. Make 2-3 (or more) loops around the mandrel. Try the wire on and adjust using the mandrel and jewelry pliers as needed.

I ended up going out and getting a loop shaping/making tool. It holds one end of the memory wire steady while I make loops. Not perfect, but ultimately so much easier on your hands.

Step 3: Shape

When you have the number of loops you want, use the wire looping pliers or a ring mandrel to shape and smooth out the rings and get the fit you want. Jewelry hammers may also help with those tricky edges that sometimes want to dig into your skin.

Step 4: End 1

Take a bead and slide it onto one of the ends of your memory wire. Put a tiny bit of glue on the bead and wire. The bead will adhere to the wire and prevent the rest of your beads from falling off as you string them. Depending on the glue you use, you may need to let it set for 10 minutes before stringing. This is a good time to shape more rings and prep them for design.

Step 5: Bead

Add your beads however you like. If you don't want beads to go all the way around the ring, you can use crimp beads to make spaces by sliding them onto the wire and using pliers to clamp the crimp beads down where you want them, then continue adding new beads.

Step 6: End 2

When you've beaded all around the wire and are ready to wrap up, clamp your wire and add glue to the last few beads. Let dry and then trim off any excess wire.

Allow the ring to set for a few hours or more so the glue can cure.

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