Faux Bacon Fail?




Introduction: Faux Bacon Fail?

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an experiment to make faux bacon failed as bacon but was a success as a smokey crunchy snack

Step 1: WHY?

Why attempt to make faux bacon? Several reasons actually, my sister who is an accomplised cook and pastry chef was discussing a meal that had bacon but one of her guests was allergic to bacon (how horrible is THAT?) and she wanted something to replace the smokey taste and the crunch. For my own purposes, I need to cut back on my sodium intact to help keep my blood pressure down, it's more difficult than it sounds because salt like fat is FLAVOR or at least enhances flavors

Step 2: Preperation

Here's what I used

 a chunk of unsalted butter
 1/8 teaspn cumin
 1/2 teaspn paprika
  1/2 teaspn liquid smoke (hickory flavor)
  small flour tortilla

Step 3: Compound Butter

compound butter is just a high faluten cooking term that means mixing stuff into your butter (try strawberry jam mixed in softened butter for english muffins!)

 the pics tell the story but, cut off a chunk of butter (about a teaspoon) sprinkle on the cumin, paprika and liquid smoke then mix it all together until a uniform color

Step 4: Slather

now take your softened compound butter and spread it on BOTH sides of the tortilla and pop it in a 350f oven ( I laid it right on the rack) until nicely brown and crispy

Step 5: Next Time

as the title says this was a fail as a faux bacon, however, I did eat the whole thing while considering how to change it and it was definately smokey and crunchy although a little salt would help. Next time and there will be a next time I'm going to use a corn tortilla and probably add a little heat, possibly pan fry

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    I think egg roll wrappers fried up might be a closer texture.

    I love the "Hail Bacon" photo.

    In Portland, my friends and family have a tradition for the last three years that every July 5th we have a "States of Bacon" day. I airbrush temporary tattoos that are bacon inspired, and we cook so much bacon that none of us can finish it all. And that's a LOT!

    Oh, and we take naps.

    states of bacon.jpg

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    LOL Most of my family has high cholesterol so bacon is usually a nono, But it has be fun to eat anything that tasty until you pass out. Eggroll wrappers aren't a usual item in my pantry so I didn't consider them, but they sound like a good possibility. Thank you for the comment