Favorite Craft Room Organization Ideas

Introduction: Favorite Craft Room Organization Ideas

I've got a number of craft room organizational ideas that I'm putting in this instructable. I hope that you find at least one idea that you can use in your own space!


Here are the materials for each one:

Shelving with magnetic small items storage:
Shelving board and supports (L-brackets, 1x2, 2x4)
Galvanized steel sheet cut to shelf size
Screws & screwdriver
Small magnets

Expanding work space:
8 stacking plastic letter trays
8 airplane meal trays

Special small items tray storage:
Cafeteria trays
Rubber shelf liner
Plywood cart

Video case small item storage:
Plastic video cases

Ceiling storage:
Reclaimed solid core door
2x4 lumber
Heavy duty hooks
Heavy duty chain
Storage hooks
3/4" conduit cut to length

Everything cabinet:
Shelf support and clips
Galvanized sheet metal

Ok. Now let's get started!

Step 1: Shelving With Magnetic Small Items Storage

Putting a shelf over a doorway is an old trick for finding some extra storage space but I've added a twist to it for storing my beads. I attached a galvanized steel sheet to the bottom of the shelf with screws allowing me to attach containers with magnets glued to the top. It stores a ton of beads and I'm easily able to see what I've got simply by looking up. Getting the container I want and putting it back is quick and easy.

You can use whatever clear containers you wish as well as whatever type of magnets will work best for you. For containers, I used plastic coin tubes in the sizes for quarters, nickels and dimes because I found them to be relatively economical.

You do need to measure carefully and place your shelf so that the containers hanging down do not obstruct the door!

Step 2: Expanding Work Space

I have found this little tip handy for many different projects. It can make a small work space function like a much larger one and/or make you more efficient by keeping everything within reach. Simple but effective, it is using stacking letter trays and airplane meal trays to expand from a small stack to multiple shelves to hold in-process work. I kind of lucked into the airplane meal trays from American Science and Surplus and they just happened to be the exact size to fit the letter trays but if you can't find trays to fit, you could easily make trays from cardboard or not use trays at all, depending on how you want to use the tip.

Step 3: Special Small Items Tray Storage

I made this cart years ago. It is a simple plywood box on wheels with wood strips spaced to support cafeteria trays. I find it very useful for storing unique items but it would work very well for storing a lot of different materials.

Step 4: Video Case Small Item Storage

I store all kinds of stuff in clear video cases which I then store in a file cabinet that has half-height drawers, almost exactly the right size for the cases. I can quickly find what I need and it is endlessly adaptable. In a previous home, I had the cases stored on shelves.

Step 5: Ceiling Storage

Often the area above a work space is wasted but this huge shelf is a great way to put it to use. It is excellent for storing over-sized items. I reclaimed solid core doors from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for only $5 each for both my worktop and the shelf. The shelf is supported by 2x4's on the walls and by a chain from the ceiling in the corner where there is no wall support. A 2x4 is also attached to the front edge for additional support. I hung 2 garage hooks to hang a length of conduit and find it handy for hanging things to dry or hanging up project materials.

Step 6: Everything Cabinet

This cabinet is simply crafted - one large box attached to the wall and 2 smaller half-size boxes hinged to the large box so that they double the storage space. The front has galvanized steel sheets attached to it so that magnetized items can be easily hung. It is remarkable how much stuff can fit into this one cabinet! Honestly, if I had to get rid of all but one thing in my craft room, I would have to pick this cabinet. It is normally full of paint, glue, tapes and all kinds of other supplies but I am in the middle of doing some reorganizing so I've got it nearly empty right now. I highly recommend a cabinet like this in your primary work space!

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    Penolopy Bulnick

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    Ooooh, I like that magnetized tube idea :)