Feather Earrings

Introduction: Feather Earrings

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Step 1: What You Will Need

Feathers 1-2 Jump-rings (2) Eyepins (2) Jewelry pliers Crimp beads (2.5mm) Earring wires (2) Beads- make sure they're big enough for the eyepin to go through.

Step 2: Step One

First slide a crimp bead onto the feather(s) I know my eye pins are pretty long, that's perfectly fine because you can always trim them later:)

Step 3: Step Two

Slide the bead(s) onto the feather above the crimp bead

Step 4: Step Three

Now, insert the eyepin into both the bead and the crimp bead

Step 5: Step Four

Now, after you have your bead and crimp bead fixed, you can use your pliers and crimp the crimp bead down in place. This keeps everything in place It's kind of hard to see, but you just have to feel for it

Step 6: Step Five

Now you take your jump ring and you take it apart and then attach it to the ear wire, then, you attach it to the eye pin at the same time

Step 7: Now, You Repeat the Same Steps to Make the Other Matching Earring!

Step 8: Ta-dah!:D

Now you can trim the eye pin if it is too long and then you can go and sport your new earrings!:D thanks I hope you all enjoyed! Let me know what you think and if you would like to see more tutorials! I love to make jewelry and would be more than happy to teach you guys how to make some!:D

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