Author Spotlight: Creativeman



Lonnie, aka Creativeman, is one of the most prolific authors on the site. Since retiring, he spends his time working on artwork. Some of his pieces even make it onto Instructables. At the time of this writing, the aptly-named Creativeman had 114 Instructables. Read on to discover just what motivates him to create so many beautiful things.

Are you working on any projects that we might be seeing on Instructables anytime soon?

I always have three or four projects, and maybe even more, in process, at any one time. Whether or not they make it onto the instructables pages is the question. All have to go through a winnowing process as to whether they appear acceptable for publication!

How did you discover the site and what inspired you to start posting projects?

I don't remember specifically how I found Instructables, but suspect it was meant to be in one of my searches for some information. Funny how things work like that! Of course I loved the do it yourself/ can do aspects of the projects on the site, and was blown away by the creativity and innovation demonstrated by all the prolific authors on the site. Isn't it absolutely amazing? At first, it was a little intimidating, but after a few instructables, it was fun and gratifying to be able to post some useful projects.

Why is being creative such an important part of living for you?

For as long as I remember, especially as a child, I was into making "stuff". It was a great way to spend that time of the learning years, and the skills and the desire to continue making things just got stronger over the years. I believe personal fulfillment and satisfaction are the end result of any and all artistic, creative endeavors, and has been a great source of inner peace, i.e, peace of mind over the years. It's always been a way to practice frugality as well, not to mention the money saving aspect of being able to do most repairs regarding cars, houses, landscapes, pools, etc. Makes life interesting!

Of all the projects that you have posted, which is your favorite?

I think How to Make Paper Roses has to be my favorite as it received more views than any other. And, when I was into making paper flowers, it was very captivating! The instructable that is paying the most dividends is the outdoor table which I "plumbed" for running water. I use it several times every day, and it has been such a labor (and back saving) item, I grin every time I use it.

Do you have any ugly duckling projects that you know aren’t great but you love and cherish them anyway?

Well, as I touched on briefly before, many different projects don't make it to the publication stage for whatever reason, but certainly, there are things too trivial and too mundane to make an instructable on. In other words I try to be selective, but of course never know what can be useful to others unless I do publish.

If you could give one piece of advice to all of the other authors on Instructables, what would it be?

Hardly advice, but reminders to all to be clear in writing, focused in picture taking, and logical in thinking, presentation.

How did you become proficient in so many skill sets?

Simply by doing, more than anything. Always tremendously curious, I took to libraries in school and was always searcing for information. Through college and the working world, learned how to dig for and find needed sources for information, instructions and materials.

Is there anyone who has been particularly influential towards your work?

No one in particular, but would site all the authors, teachers, instructors, professors and sources of learning that have inspired and guided me.