Author Spotlight: Bajablue



Mary Hayden, known around the site as bajablue, is really good at making you hungry after you've just eaten. She specializes in amazing food instructables with gorgeous photos, but she's also got a few other tricks up her sleeve! She's the queen of speed challenges, too! Just check out her amazing contributions to Scoochmaroo's Nacho speed challenge. We are lucky we've got her here to keep us motivated and hungry. :D

How did you discover the site and what inspired you to start posting projects?

I found Instructables during a Google search with the keyword acronym: DIY.  I don't even recall the tutorial subject, but once I discovered Instructables, I was hopelessly smitten.

A few weeks later, I noticed the Egg Challenge... and saw all the previous contests, the amazing projects and the winners of all those fantastic prizes.  lol... you had me at Kitchenaid Mixer!

Of all the projects that you have posted, which is your favorite?

I really don't have a personal favorite... yet. (rest assured, I'm working on it!)

My family/friends insist that my Pineapple-Wasabi Teriyaki Sauce should be bottled but I want to create something so extraordinary, someone will name a street after me. ;-)

You're the contest queen - especially with the weekly challenges! Any advice for authors looking to enter contests and win?

eegads, Jessy... you jinx me! ;-D

I'd encourage new Authors to have fun and color outside the lines.  Build what you love but try new things, too.  You might just surprise yourself!

The Weekly Challenges are especially fun because you have to fly by the seat of your pants.  The entire Author Community is very welcoming to seasoned and newbie Authors alike.  As far as the fabulous prizes go, it's a numbers game... so the more the merrier.  We love everybody!

Instructables' members have some of the keenest brains on the planet.  If you need help with a project, ask for it.  You'll get it.  Just don't ask them to do your physics homework or write a term paper for you, ok? ;-)

You're well known for producing lots of fantastic instructables in a short amount of time - how long does it take you to complete an instructable, on average? And do you have any tips for us?

oh gosh... I am horrendously s.l.o.w. most of the time and wickedly particular always.  Many of my projects take days to complete.  I photograph during the day and write at night, but  writers' block can be a real issue for me.  I talk much better than I two-finger type.

Is there anyone who has been particularly influential towards your work?

That honor goes to my Mom... but not because she took me under her wing and taught me Cooking 101.  To the contrary, my Mom (a true realist and a superb cook) did everything humanly possible to keep me out of her kitchen.  This mischievous Irish tomboy (her Father's daughter) just wouldn't take "no" for an answer.

lol... "Thanks Mom and Dad... I love you!" ;-D

Your toolbox grill was a huge hit! Any other workshop projects up your sleeves?

Hey, thanks!!!  I had a lot of fun building that grill and it's being put to very good use... even as a portable campfire!

I'm really excited about a few projects that are still in the developmental stage.  One involves pie; another involves a really big, really old, really magnificent whale skull.

We're also starting construction on a new Casita this Fall.  We'd like to tip-toe away from traditional building and incorporate "greener", less-industrial architectural concepts.

I'm completely enamored with Thinkenstein's lifestyle and incredible projects.  I'm thrilled to have his (and many other) tutorials here to guide and inspire me to think outside the box.

It's our dream to live in Baja, California year-round.  You'll know when that dream comes true because I'll change my username from bajablue to baja.tickled.PINK and I'll speak better Spanish. ;-)

Any big plans for your 100th instructable? You're getting so close!

Yes... I'm pretty sure I have some huge plans!  Unfortunately, they are so top secret, my tool box won't even tell me what they are.  It seems like I'm always the last to know, but please stay tuned! ;-)