Author Spotlight: Emilyvanleemput



You started sharing projects on Instructables a couple years ago - how did you first discover the site as a young teen?

I was surfing the web, looking at all kind of stuff, when I came across a technique called tatting. I really liked it, so I searched google for more examples. One of the first links was a link to tatted pumpkin earrings made by Penolopy Bulnick. When I had finished reading that project, I decided to take a look at some more projects published on Instructables. I joined the newsletter that same day.

Does anyone else in your family like making things? What do they make, and have you ever worked together on any project?

Yes, my mum likes knitting, sewing, etc. I've learned a lot of the creative stuff I can do from her: knitting, crocheting and macrame. When I'm working on an Instructable that uses technical stuff, like the soldering on my metal puzzle friendship necklace, my dad helps me.

You've now shared over 40 Instructables of your own! How do you balance your time between making projects for the site and school work?

I try finding as much spare time as possible. I'm quite busy with school at the moment - I can't wait until it's vacation, then I'll be able to publish some Instructables. My last Instructable was published on a Monday morning, I had a free hour and had already uploaded my pictures. I had also started with documenting, so the extra spare time was just enough to publish it. A few days ago I decided that, instead of making, I could already make a list of projects I'd like to publish. But now the list is so long I have no idea where to find the time to make them. But, instructables has really helped me getting higher grades in English class :)

How is teenaged life in The Netherlands?

Basically, a lot of school. Where I spend my spare time on making, a lot of other people are listening music or working. They would say my way of spending my spare time is a waste of time, but when I've just completed a project, I'm a happy person. Since being happy is a good thing everyone should do once in a while, I create. It's a vicious circle actually, I'm not able to stop making, because then I'm not happy. And, when I'm not happy I will start making.

From braided bracelets, to crochet, to origami, a lot of your projects are wearable. Where do you find the inspiration for these?

It's a bit different for every project of course, but for me, looking around is inspiring enough. Whether I see a pattern I like, or a shape, or an object, I start thinking how I can use it in a jewelry design. A few minutes later, I have an idea I want to try. Unfortunately, a lot of these ideas get lost, because I don't always have something with me to write it down on.

Do you keep all your projects to wear for yourself? Or do you gift them to friends and family?

Most of the projects shown on instructables are made my own size, so I keep those myself. When I need a present for someone, I make something sized and styled for that specific person. Wrapping up presents is never a problem: I have plenty of origami boxes!

You just attended the Mini Maker Faire in Kerkrade - how was it? What did you see, and were you able to meet up with any Instructables people?

The Mini Maker Faire was great! It's just amazing to have your own stand and show people what you make, have them making, and have them enjoying what they have made themselves. There were a lot of 3D printers, maybe a bit TOO many actually. But, I had never seen a 3D printer in action, so I didn't really mind. I met janw, IamWe, ynze, and masynmachien

You've recently mixed things up, and started designing projects in 123D design. Describe the transition from designing in real life to designing with a computer.

When designing on your computer, you can make the shape you actually want. Whether it's a knitting needle or a robot, you can shape it. In real life, however, you are limited in your design. You can't use other shapes and materials than those you really have.

Where do you get inspirations for the 123D secret chamber knitting needles from the 123D design challenge?

I saw the 123D design challenge and started thinking about what I could make. First, I was thinking of some kind of pencil holder with space for all kind of stuff, like knitting needles and crocheting hooks. Then I thought, why don't I make something related to crocheting or knitting. Or both. Both. Why wouldn't I make something to combine the two, yet still have useable knitting needles and a crocheting hook, not some kind of combination of the two (that combination really exists you know. It's called a knook). And that's when I came up with the secret chamber knitting needles.

What new creations do you have in the works?

I'm currently working on an entry for the Halloween Props contest. You'll see it in a few weeks :) Or maybe earlier, if you can travel trough time...

I'm also crocheting some stuff and making jewelry, as always.

What advice do you have for other aspiring young makers?

I think that, when you start making stuff, you should go for it! Don't let anyone tell you you shouldn't. Don't let anyone tell you it's not worth the time. Don't let anyone tell you it's not good. Just go for it and enjoy making.

What do you want to do when you finish high school? Will it involve making, full-time?

I want to study something that combines design and technology, for example industrial design or architecture. I don't think I would be able to do something that doesn't include making or designing, so as long as possible I'm going to give turning my dreams into reality a shot! (That would be making, creating and sharing all day long)

Lastly, and most importantly, happy birthday! What are you doing to celebrate? Your "Interests" include baking cakes - can we expect to see a birthday cake Instructable anytime soon?

Thank you! I got really lucky today and had a free day, so I went to the beach with my mother, father and sister. I haven't been baking lately, so, soon: no. Anywhere in the future: yes.