Introduction: Feedback Collection System

It is always interesting to collect feedback post-events and workshops. To solve that problem, we have made an arduino-based feedback collecting system.

In this project we'll make a electronics device which will gather feedback as per button pressed, using Arduino UNO and switches.


  • Switch
  • bread board
  • Arduino UNO
  • 330E Resistor
  • Jumper wire
  • Buzzer
  • 9-12 volt power supply

Step 1: Assemble the Circuit

Connect 3 switch in voltage divider rule with 330E resistor and connect the output to Arduino's analog pin.

Here I used the Arduino UNO's analog pin A0, A1, A2.

Step 2: Connect the Buzzer

Buzzer is used here as audio output of confirmation of recording of vote.

Connect the buzzer to output digital pin 12 of Arduino.

I use this buzzer to check whether the vote process has been done succesfully or not of individual person .

If the vote has been done succesfully ,then the buzzer will be sound on after pressing any button

Step 3: Upload the EEPROM Counter Code

Upload the EEPROM code to your board using arduino IDE.

Step 4: Upload the EEPROM Read Code

Once the feedback collection has ended. Upload the EEPROM read code to get the value of votes recorded.

For testing purpose : You can press any switch and see how many time you press it in serial monitor. The serial monitor will show you the EEPROM value.

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