Introduction: Feeding Cattle

Beef cattle are number two in America’s meat industry and continue to climb the top each year. All kinds of cattle are important in today’s world because of what kind of produce and meat the can give to us. Before beef cattle can even get started to getting fatter, they start out drinking milk as a calf. They gradually start getting bigger and then will soon be put into a feedlot to start feeding.

Step 1: Getting Started:

First, you are going to need something to put all the feed into to mix. A tractor and feed wagon is going to be your best choice to getting started. This will allow you to store enough feed for when pen in the feedlot. It will also be able to help you mix the feed together so it's not just bunched up in layers.

Step 2: FEED:

Next, the feed you'll be using will be very simple. Only three types of food sources are needed. That will be corn, hay, and silage. This is the most common feed that anyone would use to fatten up there cattle until they are sold. They are the best choice to keep them healthy and alive to keep them moving throughout the year that you are feeding them in.

Step 3: Feeding the Cattle:

Finally, we are almost done! We will next take the tractor and feed wagon to the pen where the cattle are being kept. Once you have reached the feedlot pen, you will begin to unload the feed that is mixed in the wagon, into the feed bunks. The feed bunks will allow the feed from being spread out on the ground and going to waste. When you have all the feed unloaded, you are ready to do the same process again the next day! You'll also know if you have the right feed if the cattle come running to the bunks!