Introduction: Feeding Wire Through the Hobart Handler 140

Hello, I’m Brandon and today I am going to show you how to get the nozzle on and feed the wire through on the Hobart Handler 140 portable welder. I have been using the Hobart for a year now and have gone through these steps a lot of times. Many people use a small welder to do crafts. A Hobart Handler 140 is perfect for making yard art or just fixing things around the shop. It’s portable and fairly cheap to buy. So when a person is ready to weld that next yard sculpture, these instructions will demonstrate how to get your Hobart Handler 140 welder ready to go by completely getting the nozzle on and the wire fed through.


Hobart Handler 140 welder



Safety Goggles


Wire snippers

Step 1: Taking Apart the Nozzle

The first step is to take apart the gun nozzle. To do this simply unscrew the nozzle and unscrew the contact tip away from the adapter. This should pull off fairly easy if the nozzle is clean. If it is not clean and there is build-up, just use any tool and knock it off. It is really important to make sure your contact tip is clean and doesn’t have a lot of build up.

Step 2: Step 2: Turning Power On

Now is the time to turn power on and set the voltage range between 1 and four. The range depends on the thickness of your wire so check the manual. Typically, the thinner the wire the lower the voltage. There will be a clicking sound when it is at a range. Remember that if the dial is in between a range, the wire won’t feed.

Step 3: Step 3: Threading the Wire

The next step is to push the gun trigger until the wire comes through. This can be quick so don’t hold the trigger for a long time. If it is feeding too fast, you can adjust the speed on the Hobart welder. Don’t worry if there is too much wire because it can always be clipped before welding.

Step 4: Step 4: Reassemble Nozzle

The final step is to put the contact tip and nozzle back on the adapter. Remember that both of them screw on, first the contact tip and then the nozzle. This might take some pressure to push it so it is all the wat on the adapter. The contact tip will be all the way to the end of the nozzle if it is done correctly. Make sure that there is wire coming out of the nozzle.

Step 5: Step 4: Checking the Wire

Now that the wire is fed through, it should be checked to make sure it is working right. Pull the trigger to make sure wire is coming out. Clip any extra wire and now it is ready to weld.

Step 6: Conclusion

This concludes the instructions for getting wire fed through the Hobart Handler 140 portable welder. Happy welding!