Introduction: Feel Like James Bond With Your DIY Remote Control Spy Car

Are there times that you feel like you should have a surveillance system in your home, but still need to save up for it? Or are you a frustrated spy? You can fulfill all of these (no matter how surreal it may be) in a simple and cheap way. All you need is a remote control car possibly an old model you've grown to use, battery, small screw driver, wireless camera, and a roll of electrical tape.

Are you ready? Let's get started.

Step 1: Remove the Casing of Your Rc Car

Carefully unscrew your RC cars from its casing and remove it, leaving only the wired parts of your remote control vehicle. You will work on the interior of the car, so your casing wouldn't be a necessary thing to have.

Step 2: Undo the Screws of Your Camera

You'll be altering the wires of your cam and your rc car, so removing the casing would be the first thing to do. Carefully remove the front portion of the casing, but save it for later. You will need the lens at the final steps of this process. Then remove the power cable of the camera and clip it.

Step 3: Remove the Rubber of the Wires

Remove the rubber casting to expose the wires of the power cable. Take the red and white wires and twist them together. Note that the red and white wires are the positive wires, while black is negative.

Step 4: Attach Camera and Lens

After the wires have been twisted, take the lens cap that you saved earlier. Put the camera over the lens and put it together with electrical tape. Make sure the tape doesn't cover the lens or the microphone.

Step 5: Take the Battery Connector and Strip Off the Wire.

Carefully remove the head of the battery connector and the protective covering of the wire. The result should be similar to the second picture in this step.

Step 6: Attach Black Wires

Get the camera wires you worked on a while ago and connect it with the head of the battery connector. Connect and twist the black wires; match them according to color. Coat it with an electrical tape.The product in this step should be something like the third picture shown.

Step 7: Attach the Connected Camera and Battery Wires to the Rc Car

Take the circuit board of the camera and attach it to the top middle portion of the rc car using an electrical tape. Do not over bulk the tape around the car, but do tie it around to attach the circuit board completely.

Step 8: Install the Batteries.

Put the battery on top of the rc car and put on the battery connector. Make sure that the wires are long enough for the connector to reach the top portion of the batteries. Attach the battery to the body of the rc car with electrical tape. To turn on the camera, simply flip the switch of the rc car and attach the battery connector to the tip of the battery.

Step 9: Hook Up Your Cam to the Monitor.

This is the final step of becoming a James Bond in your own right! Get the wires that go along with your wireless camera when you bought it and connect it to the receiver. As usual, keep in mind the color compatibility rule. Yellow wire goes to the yellow slot and so on. You may not get the focus that you want at this time, but you just have to adjust the receiver until you get it right.

Step 10: You're All Set!

With these very simple and doable steps, you can make use of your rc car as a tool for surveillance in you own home. You can actually use a bigger car for this, but smaller cars are ideal if its meant to be a spy car. For more remote control car ideas, visit

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