Introduction: Feel Safe Wheelchair


This instructables guides you through how to design and prototyping an innovative wheelchair - Feel Safe Wheel Chair. The design of the Feel Safe Wheel Chair is derived from the concept of an airport trolley. The brake is automatically engaged when the wheelchair is unattended. Movement of the handbrakes disengages each brake via a brake linkage, allowing individual wheel to rotate.

The feel Safe Wheelchair adopts an “AND” function operation system for added safety feature purpose. It requires both handbrakes to be depressed in order to move.

With little time and some basic knowledge of Autodesk Fusion 360, anyone can take concept design into CAD – where you can use them for modelling and aids in prototyping your very own innovations.

Using Autodesk Fusion 360, you'll be taken step by step through the process of how to design the “Feel Safe Wheel Chair”. Finally, you'll will be shown the actual prototype based on the CAD modelling created using Fusion 360.



•Castor wheels

•Bicycle hand brake with cables v

•Galvanised steel pipes

•Chair seat

•Adjustable wheelchair leg rest

•Metal plate

•Bolts and nuts

•Customised braking system – Straight Knurled aluminium bushings, spring, aluminium brackets

Step 1: Creating the Base Frame

Step 2: Creating the Top Structure

Step 3: Creating the Chair Frame

Step 4: Assembling the Right Wheel

Step 5: Assembling the Left Wheel

Step 6: Assembling the Right Castor Wheel

Step 7: Assembling the Left Castor Wheel

Step 8: Asembling the Left Bracket

Step 9: Assembling the Left Knurled Bush

Step 10: Assembling the Left Spring

Step 11: Assembling the Right Brake Set

Step 12: Assembling the Right Brake Handle and Cable

Step 13: Assembling the Left Brake Handle and Cable

Step 14: Assembling the Right Adjustable Leg Rest

Step 15: Assembling the Left Adjustable Leg Rest

Step 16: Assembling the Chair Seat

Step 17: Add Rendering to the Model

Step 18: Set Up a Motion Study

To ensure that our design is going to work the way we want, we set up a motion study to analyze the rotation of the different parts in our assembly.

As can be seen from this animation, we want to test 3 things moving or stopping at the same time, namely, the brake handles, knurled bushings and wheels. We want to test the interactions between these 3 parts.

The brake should automatically be engaged when the brake handle is released and vice versa.

6 Different joints are used to drive the motion study. These joints are driven through time by either an angle.

One major advantage of our INVENTION is that it simple and can be retrofitted into any existing wheel chairs.