Introduction: Feel the Bern (Paper Bernie Sanders Hair)

This is a project to create your own Bernie Sanders hair for political events and fun around the house. I will be using instructions for my Cricut Vinyl cutter, but you can also just cut it out with scissors.

Step 1: Dowload the Above Image Into Cricut Design Space

Download the picture above into your Cricut Design Space. It is a small picture, but fine detail is not really needed for this project. Upload it as a complex image, use the magic wand to remove any sections you do not want cut, then save it as a "cut image".
(Alternatively you can print the above picture out to the size of your face and then cut it out with scissors.)

Step 2: Measure Your Face and Scale Your Image

Measure your face to determine how big you want the hair. I chose around 7 inches for the inside cut which means the outside measurement is about the size of a standard 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of card stock. Then Scale the image to the proper size in the Cricut Software.

(Alternatively, after measuring your face, scale the picture in print preview to the proper size and print it out)

Step 3: Choose Your Card Stock

I used a heavier card stock so it would stay rigid on my head, but even a sheet of heavy paper will do.

Step 4: Load Card Stock and Cut Image

Stick your card stock onto the cutting mat making sure your design will fit into the paper you selected.
Turn dial to card stock (adjusting thickness settings for the card stock you chose)
Load Mat into guides
Press Go

(Alternatively, take scissors and cut out shape you printed)

Step 5: Weed Design and Place on Head

Weed the cut design and stick it on your head!
Take pictures and share the joys of democratic socialism with all your friends and family!