Introduction: Feet Cushion

Have you experienced that your feet are cold in the cold season when you are working in an office, sitting in a car, staying in your house?

For those who have experienced it, the feet cushion is a great product to make!

This is a cushion for your feet! You can put your feet in the cushion and keep your feet warm in the cold seasons. Also, it can use as a normal cushion when your feet are not cold. That means this cushion makes you comfortable in all seasons!!

I haven't seen the cushion like this is sold in stores, so the only way to get it is by making it yourself.

In this instructable, I am going to give you the easiest instructions to make it.

Step 1: Materials

  • Sewing Set (needle)
  • Sewing Machine (if you have)
  • Thread
  • Fleece (4 steps of length × 4 steps of width) * see the step2 of instruction
  • Stuffing

I recommend using a sewing machine because it is faster to sew than sewing by your hand.

Step 2: Cut the Fleece and Sewing the Edges

First, cut the fleece to the right size if you haven't done it.

The recommended size (See the first picture):

  • Length: 4 steps long
  • Width: 4 step long

After you've prepared the fleece, bring both edges of width (yellow line) together and sew them together.

*I express the place to sew as the blue dotted line.

Step 3: Turn Out the The Fleece and Sew

Next, turn out the fleece and place the sewed line (you sewed on step 2) at 1:2 of the fleece.

* 1:2 is important because 1 part is going to be the top part, and 2 part is going to be the bottom part of the cushion.

Then sew along the sewed line to stick upper and lower fleece together.

The last picture is the finished form of this step.

Step 4: Sew the Side Edges and Making the Stuffing Pocket

The next step is sewing the side edges to close.

Sew the side edges of both sides. However, leave half of the edges open either side because it is going to be the stuffing pocket.

* Making the stuffing pocket is important!! You need stuffing pocket opened

Step 5: Stuffing and Closing Pockets

It is time to do the stuffing. Insert the stuffing from the pocket.

After you insert all stuffing, close the pocket by sewing.

Step 6: The Last Sewing

This is the last step!

Sew both edges of the top part and bottom part together.

Do it on another side.

Step 7: Insert Your Feet and Stay Warm!!