Introduction: Fel Skull

Fel, for those who have never played World of Warcraft, was a weapon.

For an accurate description here is one from wowpedia

Fel magic is a destructive form of magic often used by demons and the members of the Burning Legion. It is demonic, entropic, chaotic and extremely volatile. Its use by the wielder, or its effects on the victim, frequently results in an alteration of the individual, colloquially called corruption. All of the Burning Legion carry the taint of fel magic within their very blood, allowing them to spread greater evil.[2] While fel is the language of chaos and disorder, arcane represents order.[3][4]

So I made a fel skull, it was fun and I am pretty pleased with the outcome. I did not intend to make an Ible about this project so there isn't enough camera footage, and one step is very important and some pictures would have helped. so I tried to be as helpful as possible in that step.

Step 1: Fel Demon Skull

Step one; The skull was from a local store after halloween last year they were marked down, it is made of plaster. I traced the antler base onto the skull and carved it out with a dremel. Go slowly in this step I did lots of dry fitting and refitting. This is important, to loose and the glue won't hold the horns securely. take your time with this step. make sure the horns are at a good angle, level and so on. I used several different bits on the dremel to get the best fit. you want to copy the base of the antlers and cut that shape into the skull. Be careful take your time.

In this stage, which is actually step two sorry for that. this is me attaching the antlers to the skull. I used Gorilla glue for a few reasons. one super strong, two it expands (to fill those voids underneath for maximum adhesion), It works well on soft chalky like substances, Because it is used with water the water and glue penetrate the skull some and help hold it all together. then get an extra set of hands to hold it in place as one of you ratchet strap it in place. there is many options of securing it while it dries, I went with the strap because it cannot move while setting up, if it moves around it won't hold. I left it alone for a few days, this wasn't necessary but I didn't want to chance it. when I tested it I can pick the whole thing up by one antler. not that I plan to throw this thing around but stuff tends to get broken in storage year to year so.

Step 2: Customization

after the antlers dry, I put a candle inside the skull and kill the lights to get an idea of how it will glow at night. some areas of the skull are thicker than I want them to be. so for instance in the nose of the skull I made a hole, just a tiny one to lets some light bleed through. I also did some excavating around the teeth, (more dremel work) what halloween skull doesn't have a proper set of nasties. I didn't do a lot. I think I'll prolly do some more later. I'm gonna let it go as is for now and see what people think.

Another thing to do on this step is fill in and sand areas of the skull dent and sharp edges and what not. If you wanted to you could add plaster of paris in areas and deform the skull to whatever length, have fun with it. Let it dry fully and then on the the paint stage.

Step 3: Finish

For the finish I covered the antlers in a trash bag with some tape. I am still unsure if I am going to paint them at all and if so what color. I used the glow green for a few coats and then covered it with the glow in the dark paint Fluorescent, the glow paint isn't that effective, a bit of a disappointment if I'm honest. I did a few layers of it too. I chose to concentrate it on the high points of the skull, I am thinking if I just paint the whole skull it wouldn't give me the shadows and features to make it really creepy. I also put some of the glow paint on the tips of the horns. I am shooting for blood (or fel) dripping from them. Let it dry between coats, then add a candle or light if you wish. Different color combinations make this a fun project, a red lite for instance might give a cool effect.

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