Introduction: Felt Beemo Case!

So here I was again with another case-less handheld device, my Nintendo 3DS. Thinking about the possibilities for a felt case to make for it when lo and behold, little Beemo popped into my head. Beemo or BMO is a character from Adventure Time, which even if you have never seen or heard of it, you can still appreciate how adorable it looks! It was designed with traits from game systems and I thought if would be fitting to make for my handheld game system. So here ya go~an Instructable on how to make yourself a Beemo felt case to keep any handheld device you make it for safe and warm!

Step 1: Suppies!

You need:
Lots of Felt! - 2 Green Sheets
                        1 Light Green Sheet
                        1 Yellow Sheet
                        1 Red Sheet
                        1 Bright Blue Sheet
                        1 Black Sheet
                        1 White Sheet (Optional)

Lots of Thread - Light Green
                              White (Optional)

Sewing Needle
Sewing Machine (Optional)
Measuring Tape
Your Handheld Device

Step 2: Measuring!

Take the measuring tape and measure the dimensions of the handheld device you wish to make this for.
I made this for my 3DS so my dimensions were about 5 inches x 3 inches and 1 inch in thickness.

Step 3: Cutting the Base Rectangles!

Take one of your dark green sheets of felt and measure out the length you recorded. (The biggest number!)

Take into account the thickness of your device. I find that anything under an inch in thickness, you only need to add an inch to each measurement. Anything an inch or over you need to add 1.5 inches or more to each measurement.

So! For my length, I got 5 inches. My device thickness was 1 inch. So I adjust my length measurement by 1.5 inches to make 6.5 inches!

Cut all the way across the sheet.

Step 4: Cutting the Base Rectangles Pt. 2

Next, take your width measurements and use them to cut out a rectangle from the previously cut to length green felt piece.

Again, I added the 1.5 inches to my original 3 inch width measurement to get 4.5 inches.

You should be able to get two rectangles cut from the first green felt piece.

Step 5: Cutting the Base Rectangles Pt. 3

Seeing as you'll need a third rectangle to make the back pocket of the case, use your second green felt piece to cut one out.

In the end, you'll have 3 same sized rectangles cut from your two pieces of green felt.

Take the rectangle you wish to make your back pocket with and cut about an inch of the top off. This pocket can hold the charger or any games you may want to stick in there on the go.

Step 6: Cutting the Screen!

Grab your light green felt sheet. Measure out a small rectangle to be the screen. The measurements for this may vary depending on what size device you are making this for. For the size of my case a 3.5 inch x 2.5 inch rectangle fit perfectly.

Once you have it cut out to size, grab some light green thread and sew the rectangle to one of your 3 larger darker green rectangles.

NOTE: Here is where the optional white felt sheet comes in. Instead of making a lighter green screen you can opt to make a white screen. Both look good. Even if you use the white sheet, you will still need some light green to make a button down the line.

Step 7: Black Pieces!

Take your sheet of black felt and cut out a rectangle, the length isn't as important as the width - 1 Inch.
From this piece cut out a two thin strips (one cut in half), a tiny circle ( the button), two tiny ovals (eyes), and a small curve for the happy face.

Sew these on with some black thread. Places accordingly as shown in my picture.

Step 8: Yellow Button!

Take your sheet of yellow felt and cut out a small square from the corner.
From that piece, cut out even smaller squares from each corner of it so that all you are left with is a yellow cross piece.

Use yellow thread to sew this cross accordingly as shown in my photo.

Step 9: Red Button!

Take your sheet of red felt and cut a small square from the corner about the same size as you made the yellow one.
Shape this square into a circle.

Place accordingly as shown in my photo and use some red thread to sew it on.

Step 10: Blue and Green Buttons!

The last two buttons are pretty small and only require a little of the blue felt and the light green felt.

Cut out a small triangle from the blue felt and a small circle from the light green felt.

Use the blue and green thread to sew them on accordingly as shown in my photos.

With that, the face of your case is complete!

Step 11: Pin It All Together!

Place the face piece on top of the other same sized dark green rectangle and flip it over to the back.
Take the smaller pocket rectangle and place that at the bottom. Pin it all together to you can get to sewing it!

If you have a machine, you can cheat and use that, or you can continue sewing by hand. Just sew the bottom and side edges leaving the top open to put your device into!

Another option you could consider, for those who don't like to sew, is to use fabric glue for everything instead of thread. Would probably go a lot faster!

Step 12: All Finished!

After you finish sewing the edges that need to be sewn together, you are done!
Time to grab your device and start using your happy little Beemo case.

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