Felt Strawberries




Introduction: Felt Strawberries

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Create a life size or giant felt strawberry!

Step 1: Download the Pattern Pages

Download the strawberry pattern pieces. Pattern includes pattern pieces to create your strawberry in two sizes. The large strawberry prints on multiple pages and needs to be taped together. Match up the letters and use them as a guide to taping the strawberry together. Tape along the dashed lines.

Step 2: Create the Strawberry

Pin the strawberry pattern to single layered red felt fabric and cut one piece.

Hot glue the “tab” to the back of Side A.

Step 3: Create the Strawberry

Hot glue Tab 1 to the top of Tab 2 lining up the dots at the top.

Repeat by gluing tab 2 to tab 3, tab 3 to tab 4 and tab 4 to tab 5.

Step 4: Stuff and Decorate

Stuff with polyester stuffing.

Hot glue the openings shut.

Drop tiny dots of white fabric paint all of the outside of the strawberry.

Step 5: Create the Leaf

Pin the leaf pattern to single layered green felt fabric and cut one.

Hot glue the leaf to the top of the strawberry.

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    3 years ago

    Never thought of making one like this. Very interesting. It could be used as a pin cushion :) I like this idea a lot!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you! I use mine as pin cushions too!