Introduction: Felt Wallet

A simple felt wallet that requires hot glue. You'll need:
-A hot glue gun
-(optional)Foam sheet
-(optional)2 Buttons
-Dosh $$$

Step 1: Folding

First, you will have to fold the felt into the proper shape. For my demonstration, I'll use paper.
Fold the felt into two thirds. Hot glue the edge of the folded part. Next, glue the edge of it down, leaving a space big enough for a half dollar (coin).

Step 2: Gluing

When you glue the ends together, it should look like the picture.
The little space you left unglued is now a coin pouch.

Step 3: Optional Foam Design

Cut out a piece of foam in a rectangle shape (perhaps neater than I did) and thread it with multicolored thread. glue it to the front.

Step 4: Optional Clasp

On the ends of the threaded foam piece, glue down two buttons. Close the wallet, and measure how much string it takes to loop around both, and cut it. Tie it to one button and glue it, and if you measured correctly, you should be able to unloop it and loop from the other button.